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Most people are at the Cranberry Glade site as of yesterday - I doubt that will change.

No permits are required for you - just for the event.

Don't let the bullshit scare you away. Once you park your car andhike into the gathering itself, life will be very wonderful. Justplan on arriving early in the morning - between dawn and 10 amif possible. The parking lot is mellower at this hour and you'll have all day to hike in, wander around looking for a camping, find your friends, set up camp, etc.

Please make sure your car and driver are 100% legal with workinglights, insurance and all required licenses. The cops do hassle people on the roads in.

Bring lots of produce - but stuff that doesn't spoil easily. Apples, oranges, carrots, zucchini, - that sort of stuff.

North is pretty vague.

You're going to the Cranberry Glade Vistor's center:

DIRECTIONS: The quickest access from Washington, D.C. is to stick to the Interstates. Speeds on the Virginia Interstates are 65 mph outside the populous Washington, D.C. area, so good time can be made. From the Washington area, take I-66 west to I-81 south to I-64 west. At Lewisburg, about 12 miles across the state line inside West Virginia, take WV Route 219 north. Near Seebert, West Virginia, take 39/55 west to the Cranberry Visitor Center. Total travel time, about 5-1/2 hours.

Those interested in a more scenic route throught the premiere mountain ranges of West Virginia can take I-66 west to I-81 south to Route 55 west. At Moorefield, West Virginia, pick up WV Rt. 220 south. At Petersburg, take Rt. 28 south all the way to Huntersville (Rt. 28 is shared by other Routes along the way). At Huntersville, take Rt. 39 west to Marlinton, and at Marlinton, take Rt. 219 south to Seebert. At Seebert, head west on 39/55 to the Cranberry Visitor Center. Total travel time, about 6-1/4 hours. Otherwise, go to map quest and find directions to Seebert from where ever you are. Have a safe journey home.
Love, Karin

conversation snippets buzzing around the prayers for peace

A fairly reprsentative cross-section of them I think.

Discussies:alt.gathering.rainbow Datum:2005-06-26 08:09:48 PST------ xx : : xx ------ Van:lightwaryr@yahoo.com (lightwaryr@yahoo.com)
Subject: forget all rumors of cancellation or abandonment, folks are still at cheat mountain ------ xx : : xx ------ please do not misrepresent the truth with rumor, propaganda, hearsay or conjecture. there are still people at cheat mountain and there is no rebellion. folks there have serious questions about the safety of gathering at the cranberry site. the people there want to offer what they consider a safe alternative to the cranberry site, especially for folks with young children, the elderly and those with serious health issues who could easily be at risk if the water becomes contaminated by shitters which are above the springs or by over-crowding on a small site. right now people are still developing the infra-structure. some of the people who left did so because they did not want to do the work of developing a new site. others have come to the site from cranberry because they did not like how things were there. if the cranberry site becames over crowded or the water becomes contaminated, people will be glad to know that there is a safe alternative. this is not a competition between sites. this is about serving the family. jane ------ xx : : xx ------ whatever happened to concensus? so it seems that whatever number cheat mountain is. only a very few are there and majority are at other site. sounds like a split to me. or that one is a gathering, and theother is a campout till they get a permit. spiritrising ------ xx : : xx ------ Seems like it's alive and well, unless you believe the process should include those of us who are not actually on the land, in the light of day. Consensus is feet on the ground, digging shidders. Posting on a.g.r. complaining about how things haven't gone the way you'd like them to, isn't part of that. now i know you don't know anything, .. .. if that was true , guess what my concensus of key west would have been real, there are people on the land digging shitters and cooking food and having a good time. .. . .all in key west! oh well someday you'll learn. i haven't complained about one thing .. . infact i have laughed at the joke it has become. spiritrising ------ xx : : xx ------ You are judging people on their actions and you are not even an eyewitness to their situation. You may not cut me down simply because I spoke up in their defense against you. You are wrong, spiritrising. You've opted out of the gathering for political reasons. That's your choice, and your perogative, but it does not bind anyone else to follow your wisdom, and it has zero bearing on the consensus process which is rainbow. The consensus process has the gathering going on, disaster it may be. Some people are reporting it's not bad. Others are reporting a complete clusterfuck. I'm going on the theory that the different experience is in proportion to how much distance you put between yourself and the nearest alcoholic beverage. Unlike you, I am willing to go there and witness the experience for myself. Then I will be in a position to comment on what is going on in West Virginia. At this moment I am only in a position to look for information that will help me go there. I would not presume to judge the decisions of people who are on the land right now, and I certainly would not make an attack of the sort you want to do, that the consensus process has failed. What does Key West have to do with it? I'd love to go to Key West. Especially after the way people like Rich and Turtle and 22 talk it up. But I really don't understand what that has to do with the current sitation in WV. I especially don't see how it's supposed to help them, soon to be us. Oh well, soon I'll be offline too, and out of your hair. Afterwards, I'll have been an eyewitness and a participant, and I'll have my opinions from that experience. You'll still be talking from hearsay. ------ xx : : xx ------ really, i have front seat and first hand knowledge of everything that is going on at all three site and they are not the only sites,i did not opt out for political reasons, i got tired of the deaths that happened because of the gatherings, i'm not political at all and could care less what the us gov. does. i belong to a different and soveriegn nation. so that blows your shit again little man. yep the consensus has been going on, tomorrow every body meets at buffets bar, you can not say it ain't so because it is consensus on the land that was used. oh and by the way i haven't had any kind of ahcohol probaly since before you were born or even longer again blowing your shit down the tube. like i said you don't know your ass from a hole in the ground, i advise some airconditioning maybe you have heat stroke or something. i have been experiencing gatherings a lot longer than you have and gatherings died when it lost front gate. may it rest in peace, go to the movie and nazi gathering in wv tell us how much fun you have. hile hitler to ya .stupid is as stupid does and by the looks of things i hear from my cousin the district supervisor it is nothing like it ever has been. a-camp is where council is so have your beer , suck it down and tell me more stupid shit. there is more than one consensus on this planet and they are having a national raainbow family gathering in key west as we speak per vision council last year. didn't you hear about it? too bad proves again you don't know shit, except what you try to wipe off your ass, hey ya missed some.i cana actaully smell it overflowing from your posts, glad i got a shovel. spiritrising ------ xx : : xx ------ You spend more time at a computer keyboard than *I* do. That's a neat trick, from rainbow land. I'm jealous. I suspect you are a mean, angry person. I'm sorry you have had more contact with death than you would have liked. Don't lay it on me please. That's twice you've done that. I'm not responsible for that, and I really am not in a position to help you heal. ------ xx : : xx ------ " too bad proves again you don't know shit, except what you try to wipe off your ass, hey ya missed some. i cana actaully smell it overflowing from your posts, glad i got a shovel. " ------ xx : : xx ------ I think I deserve to be treated better than you treat me. I don't quite understand how or who you think you're helping with this kind of bitterness. Whatever works for you spiritrising; have fun in Key West. I really didn't do anything to provoke anyone to something like a hitler reference. I know that much in my heart. ------ xx : : xx ------ yep i still carry the motto kill them all let their gods sort em out! i don't need healing, i like it that way. didn't you know that kids are going to the gathering wearing swastickas and such? can tell you haven't been to one in a long time if at all. or is it those blinders you wear? hile hitler! spiritrising ------ xx : : xx ------ Jane, I need to interupt you here: "please do not misrepresent the truth with rumor, propaganda, hearsay or conjecture. " ------ xx : : xx ------ I ask you to follow your own advice. The water at Cranberry comes from springs well above shitters, and even from springs outside the site. I helped lay some of this pipe, I speak from being there. The people who left Cheat Mountain left because there were no sites for a kitchen. There were no sites for camping. We scouted Cheat Mountain, we intended to camp there, it simply wasn't possible. The trees are too dense for camping in them, and the there are many dangerous drop offs that could seriously injure our family. When I left Cheat Mountain, I had not encountered a single hippie who left Cranberry. The only ones I met were people who HEARD Cranberry was bad. ------ xx : : xx ------ "if the cranberry site becames over crowded or the water becomes contaminated, people will be glad to know that there is a safe alternative. " ------ xx : : xx ------ Thank you for thinking of the Family, and I am very sincere about that. I think when you get on the Cheat Mountain Site your views of safety will change. ------ xx : : xx ------ "this is not a competition between sites. this is about serving the family. " ------ xx : : xx ------ I agree, that is why I went to Cheat Mountain, and why I left it. Treetop Dave

------ xx : : xx

Van:Michael Butschky (butsch1@comcast.net)
Subject: Are the gas chambers on site yet? ------ xx : : xx ------ .
Hey All, I was browsing through the news and saw this article about the site the Forest Service has picked out for us. So, are the "showers" on site yet? Best Wishes, Mike

June 24, 2005 Rainbows and Nazis
Let there be peace
WHOSE bright idea was it to relocate the Rainbow Family gathering a mile away from the headquarters of one of the largest neo-Nazi organizations in the country? Somebody in the U.S. Forest Service evidently doesnt mind inviting trouble. We know the Forest Service has its hands full trying to protect the forest while accommodating thousands of counterculture campers. We know the Rainbow Family rejected some other alternatives. But the National Alliance draws racists and skinheads from many parts of the world to its compound in Pocahontas County. Who decided it would be a good idea to camp a multiracial group of thousands of clothes-avoidant peaceniks next door to them? A quick cruise of the National Alliance Web site shows that the group advocates violence, preaches racism, and would be extremely hostile to just about everything the eclectic Rainbow group represents. Both groups are counterculture, at opposite extremes. Earlier this week, Pocahontas County prosecutor Walt Weiford said, I doubt there would be any conflicts as long as there is no encroachment on [the National Alliances] lands. Typically, they have not welcomed guests. Theres an understatement. Weiford said he depends on Pocahontas County Sheriff Bob Alkire to make sure there is no trouble when the crowd gathers around the July 4 weekend. Hopefully, the West Virginia State Police will be on hand, too. Any violence would make national news. Millions would automatically assume the Nazis are homegrown West Virginians. We wish the Rainbow Family a peaceful gathering, since they're here. This is their first trip back to the state after two members were tragically murdered here 25 years ago. Now that the Forest Service has invited trouble by shifting the group to the Cranberry Mountain camping site, we hope they will do what they can to make sure the Rainbows and Nazis ignore each other

Piet: I've written many times about what leftest lefty activists and the rightest right wingwonks have in common* or should have in common but nobody seems to have found and made a big deal of it yet; perhaps I buried it to deep, curse the squirrel in me then.

* taking turns ordering would be bullies around, instructing them from a very early age onward to perform ever more glorious feats of social service. See them sweat for ever bigger, better and more piles of compost.

At 07:51 PM 6/27/2005, Shelley Wertz wrote: >I am in the same boat, Mr. Burns. My son Derek (a single father) and my >granddaughter (who turned 4 on June 12th) left here (Michigan) on the 27th >of May to go to Elkins. I know they got there ok, but I haven't heard >from them in several weeks so I don't even know which site they have >settled at. I wouldn't worry, except that my son told me about these >email groups, and some of the the stuff I read here is pretty scary. It >sounds to me like my granddaughter is in harm's way from law enforcement >officers, neo-nazis, bad water, highway traffic, and poisonous >plants. Derek also told me though that it is difficult to get to a phone, >because (at that time at least) there were road blocks and he had to hike >in and out, so would not be calling for a while. It has caused me some >stress, reading about all the problems and agitation. I'm sure that at a >resident of "Babylon" I am probably deemed incapable of understanding >love, peace, tolerance, and faith, -- however, I seem to have enough >understanding of how the world works to be able to keep a roof over my >granddaughter's head for the 10 months a year that she and my son are not >off gathering with their "family." I hope that the family steps in to >care for my granddaughter should my son land his ... self ... in jail or >the hospital. Oh well. I do admire the Rainbow, and respect the message >they spread. I just don't need the chaos and agitation that seem to be >the norm with these gatherings. Having lived through the 60's and 70's >once, I am just glad to still be sucking air. So I will continue to pray >for peace from where I am, and to let it begin with me. And I will >continue to punch the time clock every day, and to be the little drip of >oil that has fallen through the floorboards of capitalism, so that when >the kitchens close and the gathering is over, I will be able to say to my >son and my granddaughter, Wel! come Home. As John Lennon said, "A >working class hero is something to be." If anyone in the camps sees a >little munchkin who answers to Lani, or Lulu, or Cuckoo Buns, tell her and >her Daddy-O that Grammy misses them. Mr. Burns, I hope you hear from >Paul soon. I guess all we can do is pray for safety for our kids, and for >a change of heart and courage for those who feel threatened by our >kids. "It is within our power to say ' I hear you, and I surrender.' I >am going to try to live well and peaceably." (Geronimo)

While some people use the term "babylon", many gatherers don't. Many gatherers, myself included, believe that everyone with a belly button is a Rainbow. You would be surprised at how many gatherers have jobs as doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers and social workers and work very hard all year long to be able to spend three weeks in the woods with their family. Myself included. But knowing that you are concerned about the well being of your family, I have forwarded this message on to some friends who are at the gathering and seem to be popping out to check email from time to time. As to the chaos, it is usually worse on the outside looking in. Once you're in the gathering, life is usually very peaceful except for children crying and the late night drumming to disturb the peace. Love, Karin.

rainbow gathering progress report 4

http://dc.indymedia.org/newswire/display_any/125128 Police Brutality and Harrassment at Rainbow Gathering in West Virginia --Excellent link found here: http://www.wildflowerstew.org/mag grey headed lady on Bin Laden birds, poetry and Woodstock stuf at a beautifully made up post nuke site (yeah, the little font sized 'siftwhore')

+ rumours (purported reports) of harassment which prompts me to punch key thusly:

this is what we in Holland call 'tendentious' reporting; it certainly gets countered by reports of perfect tranquility, but hey. .. .this is indy (to talk 'it' people 'to their mouths' = to accomodate the taste of your audience).

Here's a few more links where a mix can be found:

http://www.deja.com/bg.xp?level=alt.gathering.rainbow&ST=++ this will redirect to the google group

http://moongulch.net/pipermail/gathering_info/2005-June/ (over 300K worth already)

http://www.hipforums.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=64 getting quieter as people head out

Monday, June 27, 2005

Stamper- Seattle WTO police chief

"I think these are really interesting, and there are some interesting quotes here. Norm Stamper came out with a particularly progressive book about policework, where he advocates legalizing all drugs, and advocates community policing, but throughout the book and this interview, he is doing things like discussing the propensity for police to commit domestic violence or become violent people by using himself as an example, and mentions shooting an unarmed person, choking someone etc. Without having read his book, he is making a lot of sense, but he makes some statements regarding WTO=Seattle that don't match what those of us who were there saw - I would say having been there the first day but having returned to work on Wednesday, such as protesters carrying in their own gas weapons rather than just throwing back cannisters. The mayor did make him become the scapegoat for what should have been obvious to anyone in the city the preceding week." http://www.alternet.org/story/22196/ + Seattle Weekly

Next in thread: I was visiting my dad a few years before the WTO-Seattle. While dad and Iwere having a hearttoheart, my ex went downtown to do some site-seeing.When she came back I was informed that I *had* to see this "thing" that washappening in one of the parks. When we showed up the next day, there was afree meal in progress and uniformed Seattle PD were doing the feeding.I like to compare that to the more confrontational hostile attitude taken by otherPDs around around the country, including Santa Cruz, and have always thoughtthat the Seattle Police would get a very different reaction from the poor & homelesswhen there was a problem on the "street".It was a shame about the WTO action making a bit of a mess around Seattle,but as I believe Hillel(?) would have said... Why Seattle? because it is there.What Tac squads and all that do when there are major demonstrations, andthe normal interactions with the community... no matter how weird the locals, can be two very different things.
Leigh http://www.leighm.net/

rainbow gathering progress report 3

addtional sources for rumours and reports; these forums do backgrounds in dark tones (big plus if you ask me), give everyone a gallery and load suprisingly quick.

http://www.hipforums.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=64 rainbow threads

Sticky: Rainbow basics, read before you post please
05-09-2005 08:07 PM by paix 0 361 -->
here a site, there a site, everywhere a site site
earthmother Today 03:53 PM by makno 1 4
yee haw ma,, talk about a hear sayrumor mill that =disaster for thos who attend..
hippiehillbilly Today 12:41 PM by wiseaction 4 75
Just got back.... ( 1 2 )
Advaya Today 06:36 AMby sodabandito 15 193
alternative site being created ( 1 2 )
wandering spirit Today 06:15 AMby makno 10 205
the itch!!!!!!!!!
hippiehillbilly Today 05:45 AMby hairybuckeye 1 33
http://erthma420.wirefire.com/ranch.html west virgindian campground musicians; free (folk) festi 4 weekend of july
http://www.feelfreefarmproject.org/welcomehome.html N. Georgian hippies (about 10 of them)

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rainbow gathering progress report 2

http://community-1.webtv.net/watrinhole/WateringHole/ (blue page with lotsa (WV) links)

From iowafox at pocketmail.com Fri Jun 24 ----- [Gathering Info] defenders of animals

Hey, Dave, this is foxfire. You saw me hitchhiking with Little Bear Wednesday. This is a really good Gathering. There is a Mountain Justice Summer Tea House. I wonder if you could help us out? One of the agents provocateurs(Jason Tacbas [sp?]) dressed as FS LEOS maced a dog that was tied up. Then he threatened the people. We have video, so do the feds. Also he, and a group, were very threatening to a woman. There is info on the internet about that particular fed's history of brutal arrests. Could you possibly please send me the address of some WV animal defense type folks, or forward this or something? Thank you much. See you at the Gathering? Love, foxfire P.S. Looks like we could use a printer at the Gathering.


OK, first off, at this time (untill the 30th when I arrive on the land) I am just an armchair warrior. However from the info I have read from a week of agr and gathering info postings is that the Sully site is dead and that the two sites that have any momentum are the Cranberry Glades site and the Cheat Mountain site, sounds like from preliminary reports that the Cheat Mountain site is more remote, has more room and By-God swimming holes!!!!!!!! However it seems that the Cranberry site has more people and a signed permit??

I find it hard to believe the rumor that the Forest Service does not require a permit at the Cheat Mountain site, so it remains to be seen whether it will not be challenged by the Feds, however since as it is rumored that it is one of the sites selected by our scouts and not a fed reccomendation, it really intriques me and sounds like a better suited site and if a permit is the only way, I will not block concencess on one for the site..It sounds to me that the site is away from Indiana Bat habitat and if Red Spruce is not present in any quantity then it should not be a problem for Cheat Mountain Salmanders.....

Anyway, I am long winded, In the end I will drag my sorry ass to any site where I can find the family gathered, so please keep sending updates as I will arrive on the 30th of June and hopefully with the best and most current information by with to make my site choice (I am hoping that there is only one site by then, but ya never know, there may be two or more) See all you bellies on the land, Look for me at TeaTime, love and hugs, George**Make Tea, Not War!*****

George Durland ( a legend in his own mind! ) aka:TeaMasterGeorge

I must be gettin' old, my tea-bags are all bloated!!

latest favorite folksong EXCELLENT!!!!!

http://folkbum.blogspot.com/2005/05/more-memorial-music-monday-dave.html http://daveandtracy.globalhosting.com/index.php
According to Tracy, this song is the last song Dave Carter completed, finished in that summer of 2002 when the country was sinking into Afghanistan and beating the drums for war in Iraq. Remember that almost all of our dead men and women in Iraq have been under 30 . . .

Piet: slightly more realistic than Beethoven no?

Hey Ho
tv’s on, the favorite son is - watchin how the west was won
daddy, please, a plastic gun - get brother one for twice the fun
little camo helmet-heads - makin brave and playin dead
missiles made of gingerbread- dollars on the dime
REFRAIN: hey ho, so it goes, the point of sale, the puppet show

the merchant kings of war and woe have turned their hands to labor
sound out the trumpet noise, the cannons bark and jump for joy
someone’s dread and darlin boy has fallen on his saber
another world across the sea - home for little busy bees

sweatin in some factory - hurry, please, more of these
action dolls with laser sights - robot planes that shoot at night
faster, kid, and get it right - they’re rollin down the line
these days the spin machine is - always on the silver screen

secret plots and submarines - foreign fiends and magazines
wave the flag, watch the news - tell us we can count on you
mom and dad are marchin too - children, step in time
bring your kids and coddled pets - bouncin babes in bassinets

we’ll play a game with tanks and jets - better yet – bayonets!
marchin bands and color guards - funerals in your own backyard
don’t forget your credit card – johnny, hold the line
© Dave Carter / Dave Carter Music (BMI)
administered by Tracy Grammer Music
You can find more information about the life and legacy of Dave Carter, as well as keep up with what Tracy Grammer is doing..06

Hey HoTracy GrammerFlower Of AvalonSigsounds 1292

Tracy Grammer Chords & Lyrics The (C)merchant kings of (G)war and woe have turned their hands to (D/F#)labor ... Secret plots and (Am)submarines, foreign (G)fiends and maga(D/F#)zines ... members.aol.com/rongrittz/tracy.htm -

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The wayback machine

http://www.archive.org it caught up with me as far as last nov (first of three files) so you're stuck with the google caches till I find a new server

go have a listen to Ward Churchill

Ward is a deep sea diver, I like a bit of scrambling and swinging to stop meself from staying sunk in deep grief (if you think you can afford to dream too read on).

I recommend anybody who can stand and not get too distracted by some body's (tobacco consumption induced) oxygen extraction deficiency combined with taking too few breaths so as not to interrupt his long winded (despite some minor differences I have with them ((see below*)) devastatingly truthful) wordingtorrent (audio at indytorrents too by the way) to listen to Ward and get his meaning.

http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/06/320239d.shtml Stream (Ward starts about 21 minutes into it; questioning starts at 38).

http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2005/06/320164d.shtml an earlier link with comments before the event - one of the first items to include 'discussion', a category lately added to allow more tangential chatter.

*If you know my take on militarism (formulated with so far closest semblance of completeness in a file I wrote after the Nato flyers rained down on Yugoslavia and here*2) at least a little you'll know I am not a typical hippy of the flavor Ward makes ridiculous in his speech but a grippy (prototype); here's another recap of an aging precap:

I think permaculturists need to become the advance forces of the army, the latter not stepping till the former are blocked and/or opposed in any way; the alternative should be closely monitored (LIVE!) so no mistakes and myth can form a mold splitting mold that stops a pleasant story to be told .. . for a change.

*2 what you see there (in colour): Preferable (aiming for exclusive) use of force? Servicing pro- not agression! w-c-should and will be creative when realization dawns that belief decidedly derives from be-leaf. (life, love, etc in multiple linguae). --

Fights are usually caused by regressive (vicious circle of scarcity enhancing) power struggles, the explosive testosterone concentrations (originating from a foodfinding focus) and well fed brutality of clumps, gangs, huddles, bands, battalions and divisions of all too similar opponents, whereof each side delegates some functions and specializes in others to start the whole chain of lobsided polarization and division. ---- I think provisionary measures, dressed up sportily to boot and destined to outgrow present arms races faster than Bill Gates could overgrowthrow the legendary JP Morgan.

We are o so good at buggering biomass aloft. Oh humble Microbe soft, where do you want to grow to stay and wend your way aloft?

Half the army's expenses, paraphernalia, personell and/or time might need to be devoted to peace making, (re)construction, conversion and conflict resolution if it wants to representative along gender divide (it remains to be seen if women's sense of in and out is not a little too schizo - for all the suffrage in Jewish society which DOES differentiate them from once again neighbouring arabs, this way of culturation does not seem to be without its problems).

Trees: Pointers to inspire long term planning and provision; achieving optimized nutrition, housing and solar energy reception by varying plant, other being, specie and/or race ages stages and densities.

How to stand up for, behind and under old growth, feel for their stature and benefit from their suspension inviting infrastructure.

Pleaching and all visionary work around it such as designing, planting, thinning, etc, means to stimulate and guide branchfused framings and figurations in such a way that the term biotecture springs to mind and life.

Priority issues:
How to constitute the emission of money in an honest competition leading to fair unification and cleaned up co-operative capitalism?

How to stand up for, behind and under old growth, feel for their stature and benefit from their suspension inviting infrastructure. How to abandon exothermal reactions in favored of more nourishing and slightly less perishable flame and fire forms such as fruit, abundant amounts to be declared a soon to be forthwith enforced human right. How determine wether the information industries are merely surfing the spectrum or if they burden, distort, drain, trash and harness, iow civilize it; I argue to explore and stimulate rather than tame and/or colonize it.

Last but not least: Google Cache for my third collection of links referring to Ward Churchill (hundreds of them with a few quotes and comments here and there) .

In the assault on his integrity the Mandan Smallpox epidemic takes a prominent place and reviewing all the re- and close reading reports one must conclude that Churchill indeed extrapolated, read between the line and took proleptic leaps to conclusions that are plausible but indeed not implied in the words he cites.

Yet, instead of getting steamed up and all indignant about supposed fraud and malfeasance I think Ward is trying to do the USies a favor, transitioning and easing them to an even worse and more immediately pressing realization and act of facing up to reality, to wit, THE FACT THAT DU- 'ENHANCED' AMMO IS NOW DESTROYING FUTURE GENERATIONS IN WAYS THAT SMALLPOX EPIDEMICS CANNOT!!!!!!! ENTIRE TRIBAL TERRITORIES BECOME UNINHABITABLE AND OFF LIMITS FOR ANY AND ALL LIVING THINGS. IS IT ANY WONDER THAT PEOPLE LIKE WARD CHURCHILL WILL BE TEMPTED TO CUT CORNERS AND FILL IN BLANK(ET)S OF THE UNSAID NOR DENIED WITH THE WORST POSSIBLE CONJECTURES?????????

Instructive snippet of lbo-talk:
Dear Editor: > >The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs is debating whether the United >States should formally apologize to Indians for a "long history of official >depredations and ill-conceived policies." This proposal should be rejected.
.Thomas A. Bowden > >Ayn Rand Institute,
Someone should remind them of the Pacific Northwest tribes. I feel more sorry for the 18th century European peasant than the people of the Northwest who had abundant fish, fowl and a temperate rain forest... "By the time the Europeans arrived in the 18th century, the societies of the Northwest had developed ways of life that rank among the most complex and sedentary for nonagricultural people anywhere." http://www.cabrillo.edu/~crsmith/noamer_nwcoast.html----------------------------------------
Who's apologizing (really!)? Two on the subject of ...apologies. Both links Mp3 Audio, < 5min < 3Mb -------- Travus T. Hipp Commentary
[ June 16 2005 ]: Shameful Performances of Hypocrisy: On the Senate's Monday Night Apology For Delaying Anti Lynching Laws www.snipurl.com/tth_050616
[ June 23 2005 ]: We're Going To Need Some Practice: Apologies, Saving Face, And Other Painful Lessons That Nations Learn http://snipurl.com/tth_050623
.,Ironically, most Randroids or other Objectivist-inspired libertarians were fuming about the recent Supreme Court decision to transfer property from homeowners to the city. But I guess it's okay if the folks being robbed are Indians, because "culture" is being brought to them in exchange
http://www.obleek.com/iraq/index.html > flash visualizing war . .eh sorry. .terrorism .. eh no, .insurgency/resistance casualties

rainbow gathering progress report (nerf)

From kzirk at earthlink.net Fri Jun 24 20:38:19 2005From: kzirk at earthlink.net (Karin Zirk)Date: Fri Jun 24 20:53:27 2005Subject: [Gathering Info] Gathering Update June 24 7:30 PM California time

Here's the best I can figure out.The NERF kitchen and some others have gone to another location (4th location?)and are trying to talk the folks at Cranberry Glade to move. The messageNERF is putting out is that this (new) location doesn't require a groupuse permit. I have no idea why they think that, but that's what they're putting out.The report I received via phone today was that the Cranberry Glade folksare dug in deep, cops are a pain.The June 28th court appearance is rumored to have been moved to the CranberryGlade Visitors Center. (Directions at http://www.patc.net/hiking/destinations/cranbery.html )

Although there's another rumor that it may be moved again. Please plan onbeing there (where ever there ends up being)If you're going to Cranberry Glade, please bring 5 gallon buckets with lidsas they are in short supply. Also produce is needed as well. Please bringfruits and veggies that can stand the abuse like apples, oranges, carrots,squash, not stuff like lettuce and peaches.I'm including a notice that was posted at the Cranberry Glade Info on June 23rd from aLoven Ovens sister.

Sweetie drummers, dancers, singers and supporters. Be a pleasant presence as a present to those ticketed for "use of national forest system lands without a permit." Since getting their tix, all they know is that this is the day of their mandatory court appearance. SALARY: Good Karma
Many of our sisters and brothers might not be able to come back to any National Forest for a year (it's happened before) cuz they went through hell for the family, standing strong, holding a site that many locals always use anyway. *The media will be here. Feds behave better when the media has an eye on them. Any Rainbows who want to be "unduly unauthorized, unrepresentatives" please join use at a press circle (conference) at 8 AM and talk to the media.* There are research reports at arriving at the Info camp at this year's gathering or the next on the true environmental "sensitivity" of the original site. On a related topic, see Info for the 9-page report done on the "Indians" brought into last year's site to council with the family.*****END*****

Here's the info the NERF crew is passing around.
**START***From: joan from maine
Subject: Barton's Knob (where NERF is)Directions from Elkins, South on 219 to Huttonsville,southeast on 250 9 miles to FR227, opposite FR92 attop of Cheat Mountain. Follow 227 7 miles to 233,then right .3 miles to 233A, hard right then 1.7 milesup hill to bus village. We will probably have a dropoff, turnaround shuttle scene at intersection of 223and 223A, cause best parking is on 227.

Reasons for NERF Kitchen Consensus to not go to Pocohontas County,

primarily because the Familyconsensed not to go there at TG Council.

Secondly,the Forest Service put the Family there (and many feltthey had no choice. Now they do)

The fact that the Family has lost three members in Poc. County, Twogirls murdered in 1980, a man in 90 or 91 while in theCounty jail (same sherriff)Reasons for not going there now,

It's too small (onesquare mile in a triangle, surrounded by roads.

The woods are taped off so those who step into them (theWilderness) will be ticketed. It is a swamp. Carsare already getting stuck and it has been a dryspring.

It's a health issue, as well, how do you dig a shitter in a swamp. Family doesn't gather in Wilderness areas generally.

Folks have gone there today to invite the Cranberry people to join us.There is no cell service at the site, and the nearestpay phone is over 20 miles, Library in Elkins. Need to go, I am on a supply run today. Please joinus in a beautiful spot, and support a safe healthy unparanoid gathering.

PS Forest Service has told us we do not need a permitfor this site.I love you guys, please pass this on,Joan

hey, a wiki that escapes (pre)dominance of whiteness (well, backgroundwise anyway)

http://ud.lir.be/tiki-pagehistory.php?page=Money&source=0 the links (many) don't work, at least until somebody replaces () with [] or some such trick hihi!!

I'll be watching this and perhaps be bold enough to jump in. .. . . .

wait, this looks REALLY good:

Some Important Pages:
Be The Change

The previous version of the page linked at top is better (working linkwise; haven't tried the compare versions function yet, should be fun): http://ud.lir.be/tiki-pagehistory.php?page=Money&preview=222 "To be short of money when there's work to get done is like not having enough inches to build a house"

Well, hell, which would you choose is the more practical (potentially fruitful) metaphor; my kind:

To be short of health, boyant vitality and optimism (which autonomous embeddiment in widest possible diversity ((proper(((ly proportioned))) spacing)) will lend anybody) is like saying rocks are short of (prone/sure to cause micro organism population explosion) trace minerals.

.. . or their kind (my version to show you I can remind you correctly):

to be short of telescope lenses when there are stars to view (dust?) is like being short of miles to match them to your focus.

Participation requires registration. I've got a feeling I found a splendid and timely new home. Despite the belgian domain (.be) it is London based and one of the participants has a blog that racks up a few thousand referrals (via google) per 24 hours(! I never did better than 3 hundred): http://blogs.linux.ie/xeer/.

.. . . .. . ..

Monetary Reform page, unlike it's sibling (which has versions 18 through 213 be giant ((viagra))spam with identical time stamps ((aint that symbolic and doubly so ((( .. .for how not just women but meanings also, bleed/blead))) cause in the stats the day this happened is called 'best')): april 19) has only one previous version (given here since the current one has the same disease as the one at the top does currently): http://ud.lir.be/tiki-pagehistory.php?page=MonetaryReform&preview=1

It is really not complete; Greco's co-opting of Beckerath's views/insights in the way of hosting them (admittedly and admiringly as 'essential reading) is nevertheless a version of hostile take-over since it is tempting to overlook the differences and simply assume there aren't any . .. fertile ground for discussion I hope: www.reinventingmoney.com/beckerath.php -- one place to do so is: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ijccr international journal for community currencies research

There are of course other places I think deserve space here, like the
CC syndicator

One of the founders at the wiki has a blog in distinctly deeper shades (of blue and grey): http://zed1.com/journalized/ *

They appear to all be Linux heads, view the bunch of them via the (wordpress) blog posted on the frontpage.

* What do a recent post there,

and this: To err is human but to really foul things up requires a computer. Anonymous. (via AGR)

and that (expensive) orc master www.thinkgeek.com/interests/tolkien/5863/ have in common??? Can you be more specific than refer to/whip up/ involve the 'digitariat'?

Ps: hey bloggeroadies, if you don't soon add background colour choices in the composition dept. I'll soon leave off posting again. What a pain.

Rainbow Gathering 2005 WV

the latest news can be had via the public archive of a listserv:

and here: http://groups.google.com/groups?oi=djq&as_ugroup=alt.gathering.rainbow


Posted 6/18 by Hawker to AGR
Subject: Welcome Homeless, or Random site info
So we are not "Welcome Home" but sitting here Welcome Homeless.

Things seem to be getting a bit depressing at the site. The last of the kitchens inside the gathering all got tickets yesterday. Some folks from CALM doing a walk through yesterday also got tickets. The same mandatory appearance on the 28th "use and occupancy" tickets that everyone else got. This seems especially strange since there were not 75 folks on site at the time so I don't see how that rule applied anymore. The mood seems to have changed yesterday from "hold our ground" to "we just want to gather so lets move to another site". While many folks are arriving, many are leaving as well. There are a bazillion ways into the site and kitchens are setting up here are there through stealth tactics of going around the FEDs. Still if caught it's a ticket. As a result there are several other campsites including one at an old strip mine that folks are also starting to gather at. The central meeting point seems to be the Krogers in town since we are all over the place in many campsites.

A council was called for today to discuss moving to a new site. I was not there unfortunately but herd back from someone who was. Yesterday as I was leaving the site I spoke to two scouts who have been checking out FS proposed sites for two days. Up until yesterday they felt that none of the sites were workable. They had a site that they found in early spring scouting that was possibly workable and one of the FS proposed sites shown yesterday was deemed workable as well. It sounded that these sites had some things better than the existing site, but in general were not as nice. I got a spotty cell call from site that council had decided today to move to a new location and that location will be announced tomorrow. The call dropped out then, but I assume the site will be in Pocahontas county not Randolph or Tucker where the current site is. I'll post more info just as soon as I know more.

The idea of not holding our ground saddens me as we are setting a dangerous precedence by moving. If the FS knows they can manipulate us now they will try it again. I don't like this. The environmental concerns seem to be BS. Every local resource ranger and environmental ranger (and knowledgeable local) tells me each one ranges from total BS to valid but not for here. I think it's similar to the BS salmon issue in Idaho. The problem was real, but not for the stream we were in. An unnamed ranger told me the site we chose was perfect. It's a very popular camping spot and heavily encouraged to be used because it's a good site. Three weeks ago there were hundreds of cars there camping. Another person told me a group annually gathers there with about 3000 people. None of this would happen if there were real issues with the site. I also found it interesting that three weeks ago when I was on site the signs all said 21 day camping rule. Yesterday those signs have been replaced with 14 day signs. This in an effort to have a reason to kick us out before the 1st, however the change was only made for Rainbows (didn't we win the last targeting one group court case we had).

The town has been great. Everyone has been so friendly and helpful, including the law enforcement and other officials. I have attended meetings with the local hospital, EMS/EMT, Health Dept, State emergency management, environmental team, town council and more and everyone has been friendly and helpful.

On another note. My E-mail account has been receiving almost 300 e-mails a day. I can't possibly respond to all these e-mails so If I don't respond to you, or give you a form letter, short letter, etc, sorry I'm just a bit overwhelmed by the amount of e-mail I am getting. If I get a good question I may answer publicly with your question so others know as well,.
I'm getting allot of emails about Cell phone access. 1st cal your cell company and ask them what code to type into your phone to update your PRL (Preferred Roaming List) first. It's a couple of digets (different for each cell carrier) that helps you get a tower when you roam.
I have US Cellular, a CDMA Tri Mode phone. It works up to close to the site.
I have been told that Cellular One works better. I think they are TDMA. Folks with TDMA based phones get coverage on the ridge above the gathering, mine is not as good.
Cingular GSM and SPRINT phones do not even work from Elkins much less site. Older Cingular that come from the AT&T lineage (TDMA) work from town.
Along 3rd street in Elkins are many free 802.11 Wi-Fi hot spots with easy access.

HawkerPosted 6/19 by me to AGR
Subject: Let's Gather. Ignore All Rumors. More info
Woza, what a day. My phone has been ringing off the hook all day.
First the facts, then the commentary. It's hard to get all the truth because I am not there and many stories conflicts with each other. I have spoken today with several folks on site and many others and am trying to piece together the real story.
As for the new site. My directions from folks on site are slightly different than Rob's. It is in Cranberry Glades. The directions are take 219 70 miles south of Elkins to Mill Point. Turn Right on 55/39. Go 6 miles to Rd 150. Left 6/10 of a mile to 102. Left on 102. This would seem that the directions for folks not on site already (coming from Elkins) are : Interstate 64 to 219 (exit 169). North on 219 to 55/39 and follow the rest of the directions.
Also as I understand this there never was a consensus to move the site. I last spoke to the scouts Friday Night. At the time they had just found this new site. They said it had some good points, but a major road went right through main meadow. They also said they didn't want to move and were upset that they heard folks wanted to move. Given this I don't understand why most rumors now are the scouts said lets go when others said no. I won't know the real story till I am able to talk to them. Kid Village called a council for Saturday. I was told that there was lots of shouting and arguing and no consensus. Then KV and the scouts just left to the new site. I spoke to no one on site who wanted to move or who thought that they should move, yet they are moving since the feel beat by the FS, Scouts and KV.
Re: The stolen water pipe rumor. Here is what I know. There was a stash of water pipe at the back door. It was NOT all the water pipe, perhaps 1/5th of it at best. I personally saw this water pipe on Friday. On Saturday there were horse tracks all around it but it was not there any more. This is the water pipe that was stolen by the FS. AFAIK the big stash is under cover and safe where I left it, but i have not confirmed this. I left the rest with a responsible person who made effort to keep it hidden as they were concerned about it being stolen already.
I was told that several folks will call me tonight or tomorrow morning from site with more updates and info. I personally am meeting with one of the scouts in a few hours and will upload topo maps to Rob and my site as well. I may not be able to host maps myself anymore because the bandwidth is costing me too much as I have exceeded my bandwidth contract (to many 3MB topo maps and 400k JPGs I guess). If someone wants to donate for the bandwidth I will replace it, otherwise I will just give Rob the info for welcomehome.org.
Some folks are gathering/staying in other sites including the strip mine (RJ) near Elkins and other campsites trying to re-group and figure out what to do. There are also other sites that are better that the scouts found, but didn't use because they liked the Elkins site, so why are we not going to them? This site is a set up. It was chosen by the FS because it was closer to there camp in Snowshoe resort and because it is easier for the FS to drive into the site. I am being told that the parking lot crew is signing the permit for this FS chosen site and is trying to make sure there are not the kind of issues we had last year (no nudity, dogs on leashes, drive ins by the FS etc) but my trust for the Tim Lynn and the FEDs is 0. They have already lied to us on several occasions this year alone and broken several promises.

O.k. So the commentary (or more blatantly commentary).

WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING PEOPLE! This is dangerous precedence we are setting here letting the FS know they can whip us into submission. Now they think they can run things every year. There is no telling what they will try to pull next year. In addition we need to NOT be in Pocahontas county. There is no support system there. The town doesn't love us like Elkins did. The Emergency Management system there has only BLS not ALS (Basic/Advanced Life Support) for emergencies. Elkins has ALS. They are only volunteers so it impacts them more than the larger more established town of Elkins. We loose all the work and time we have done working with local businesses and agencies as well as understanding the site and how to best use it. Buisness owners who stuck there neck out to help us now get screwed and loose $$$ (they bought extra supplies for us). This happened because the site was mostly populated by young, inexperienced kids who lacked past knowledge on how to fight this as well as the support of enough people to maintain the site. In addition most of the experienced folks were hiding in town, other campsites or the back door rather than teaching the kids how to fight and encouraging them. By the time folks, myself included, started working to motivate folks and teach them how to reclaim the site moral had been to far lost and we had been beat. There are plenty of other ways into the first site from many angles. They can't stop us all if we just keep showing up there.
We need to ignore all rumors, including those of a moved site and return to the original site, where we can safely gather in a good location. When enough folks show up then we can reclaim the site from the federalies.

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Now Quit-yer-bitchin and come together to pray and heal the family on the land soon!I love you all and will see you soon!Hawker

One down, many but how to go?

My 60Mb homepage at lycos.nl is a goner. One two go, but how many down? For about 2 years lycos hosted my variable content but static adress, iow, 'blog' spot so far apart from a little foolin about here: http://powdertowell.blogspot.com/2005/02/break-through-that-rock-there-for-me.html
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the still older adress with my first 20Mb worth of extremely colourful and twisted to the point of Krausianesque wording is still up: http://poetpiet.tripod.com

A slightly different version of the above (published yesterday on the indymain newswire which I spent a few ((prewar)) years excerpting ((and adding to)), retrievable using 'indymediasamples link via my front page) is here: http://newswire.indymedia.org/nl/newswire/2005/06/823512.shtml

and here (too much white that page bwana!): http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/world/2005/06/314788.html

http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/world/2005/06/312354.html a video of a woman who's ordered to get out of her car and tazered while/cause she remains on the phone with her hubby (she went 4 miles over the speedlimit) instead of promptly obeying; the perfect anecdote to teaze pros and cons out of the woodwork: 64 comments - more reasonable subjects (not many) are far from receiving that kind of attention. --- it's always the wrong kind of idiots (not the savants) that distract from all things needful.

http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2005/06/314581.html WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT BONO AND GELDOF? mcw 21.06.2005 12:26 (29 comments).

A link to a very prettily customized (by roman-britain.org) google page for 'vadercats', ignore the thundercats thing, it's by a juvenile flasher, all others mine

Udpate (june twentyeight):
Like Wired, Lycos depended on revenue from advertising. Content was merely one method of attracting “sticky eyeballs”. Angelfire and Tripod, two other Lycos properties, depended on users to create sites, each with prominent ads, a fraction of which drew enough traffic to support the others. With the acquisition of Wired’s stable of sites—including Wired News, Webmonkey, and Suck—they were not buying the editorial as much as proven audiences to expose to ad banners. “I don’t know why at some point they just didn’t say, ‘Oh, what’s this thing? Get rid of it.’ But they never did, didn’t seem to pay attention to what we were doing, and particularly didn’t pay attention to what we were spending. So I was able to get a lot of people paid good money.”
http://www.keepgoing.org/issue20_giant/the_big_fish.html large article by By Matt Sharkey on the first great website that taught the newest in ever worse ways to suck dot com