Saturday, June 25, 2005

rainbow gathering progress report (nerf)

From kzirk at Fri Jun 24 20:38:19 2005From: kzirk at (Karin Zirk)Date: Fri Jun 24 20:53:27 2005Subject: [Gathering Info] Gathering Update June 24 7:30 PM California time

Here's the best I can figure out.The NERF kitchen and some others have gone to another location (4th location?)and are trying to talk the folks at Cranberry Glade to move. The messageNERF is putting out is that this (new) location doesn't require a groupuse permit. I have no idea why they think that, but that's what they're putting out.The report I received via phone today was that the Cranberry Glade folksare dug in deep, cops are a pain.The June 28th court appearance is rumored to have been moved to the CranberryGlade Visitors Center. (Directions at )

Although there's another rumor that it may be moved again. Please plan onbeing there (where ever there ends up being)If you're going to Cranberry Glade, please bring 5 gallon buckets with lidsas they are in short supply. Also produce is needed as well. Please bringfruits and veggies that can stand the abuse like apples, oranges, carrots,squash, not stuff like lettuce and peaches.I'm including a notice that was posted at the Cranberry Glade Info on June 23rd from aLoven Ovens sister.

Sweetie drummers, dancers, singers and supporters. Be a pleasant presence as a present to those ticketed for "use of national forest system lands without a permit." Since getting their tix, all they know is that this is the day of their mandatory court appearance. SALARY: Good Karma
Many of our sisters and brothers might not be able to come back to any National Forest for a year (it's happened before) cuz they went through hell for the family, standing strong, holding a site that many locals always use anyway. *The media will be here. Feds behave better when the media has an eye on them. Any Rainbows who want to be "unduly unauthorized, unrepresentatives" please join use at a press circle (conference) at 8 AM and talk to the media.* There are research reports at arriving at the Info camp at this year's gathering or the next on the true environmental "sensitivity" of the original site. On a related topic, see Info for the 9-page report done on the "Indians" brought into last year's site to council with the family.*****END*****

Here's the info the NERF crew is passing around.
**START***From: joan from maine
Subject: Barton's Knob (where NERF is)Directions from Elkins, South on 219 to Huttonsville,southeast on 250 9 miles to FR227, opposite FR92 attop of Cheat Mountain. Follow 227 7 miles to 233,then right .3 miles to 233A, hard right then 1.7 milesup hill to bus village. We will probably have a dropoff, turnaround shuttle scene at intersection of 223and 223A, cause best parking is on 227.

Reasons for NERF Kitchen Consensus to not go to Pocohontas County,

primarily because the Familyconsensed not to go there at TG Council.

Secondly,the Forest Service put the Family there (and many feltthey had no choice. Now they do)

The fact that the Family has lost three members in Poc. County, Twogirls murdered in 1980, a man in 90 or 91 while in theCounty jail (same sherriff)Reasons for not going there now,

It's too small (onesquare mile in a triangle, surrounded by roads.

The woods are taped off so those who step into them (theWilderness) will be ticketed. It is a swamp. Carsare already getting stuck and it has been a dryspring.

It's a health issue, as well, how do you dig a shitter in a swamp. Family doesn't gather in Wilderness areas generally.

Folks have gone there today to invite the Cranberry people to join us.There is no cell service at the site, and the nearestpay phone is over 20 miles, Library in Elkins. Need to go, I am on a supply run today. Please joinus in a beautiful spot, and support a safe healthy unparanoid gathering.

PS Forest Service has told us we do not need a permitfor this site.I love you guys, please pass this on,Joan


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