Saturday, June 25, 2005

hey, a wiki that escapes (pre)dominance of whiteness (well, backgroundwise anyway) the links (many) don't work, at least until somebody replaces () with [] or some such trick hihi!!

I'll be watching this and perhaps be bold enough to jump in. .. . . .

wait, this looks REALLY good:

Some Important Pages:
Be The Change

The previous version of the page linked at top is better (working linkwise; haven't tried the compare versions function yet, should be fun): "To be short of money when there's work to get done is like not having enough inches to build a house"

Well, hell, which would you choose is the more practical (potentially fruitful) metaphor; my kind:

To be short of health, boyant vitality and optimism (which autonomous embeddiment in widest possible diversity ((proper(((ly proportioned))) spacing)) will lend anybody) is like saying rocks are short of (prone/sure to cause micro organism population explosion) trace minerals.

.. . or their kind (my version to show you I can remind you correctly):

to be short of telescope lenses when there are stars to view (dust?) is like being short of miles to match them to your focus.

Participation requires registration. I've got a feeling I found a splendid and timely new home. Despite the belgian domain (.be) it is London based and one of the participants has a blog that racks up a few thousand referrals (via google) per 24 hours(! I never did better than 3 hundred):

.. . . .. . ..

Monetary Reform page, unlike it's sibling (which has versions 18 through 213 be giant ((viagra))spam with identical time stamps ((aint that symbolic and doubly so ((( .. .for how not just women but meanings also, bleed/blead))) cause in the stats the day this happened is called 'best')): april 19) has only one previous version (given here since the current one has the same disease as the one at the top does currently):

It is really not complete; Greco's co-opting of Beckerath's views/insights in the way of hosting them (admittedly and admiringly as 'essential reading) is nevertheless a version of hostile take-over since it is tempting to overlook the differences and simply assume there aren't any . .. fertile ground for discussion I hope: -- one place to do so is: international journal for community currencies research

There are of course other places I think deserve space here, like the
CC syndicator

One of the founders at the wiki has a blog in distinctly deeper shades (of blue and grey): *

They appear to all be Linux heads, view the bunch of them via the (wordpress) blog posted on the frontpage.

* What do a recent post there,

and this: To err is human but to really foul things up requires a computer. Anonymous. (via AGR)

and that (expensive) orc master have in common??? Can you be more specific than refer to/whip up/ involve the 'digitariat'?

Ps: hey bloggeroadies, if you don't soon add background colour choices in the composition dept. I'll soon leave off posting again. What a pain.


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