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At posts with Ward Churchill as topic follow each other in rapid succession during the 3rd week of may:

piet Says: May 18th, 2006 at 2:08 pm
Ward links collected by me, used to have 2 more of these.
Listen to the man. He is a master in making long and involved sentence and can quote himself at length like nobody’s business.
There is a Coloradan who usefully posts links to most stuff that comes out about him and tries to deride and tear it down before it hits the ground. Him and his buddies are quite clumsy though.The most blatant attempt is at once the most illuminating example. Namely, when they like to quote Ward saying he wants the US off the planet they’re fighting off their biased belligerence to abuse some photoshopping skills in order to place Ward at some Cold War red button room rather than sticking up the pic where he holds a firearm. Of course Ward could defuse this skewage a little if he went into secession and such dissolvents a little more and better. The fact he doesn’t is in fact the main reason the right can use and abuse him so fruitfully and hold him up as the seemingly smart cookie and say: see, this is the best the left can do: reaction. Violence condonement.

Doug: .. . the story of white treatment of the Indians is horrible enough - why did Churchill have to invent, exaggerate, and plagiarize? It's a sad thing.

How do you know this? Take for example the charge that Churchill wrongly stated that the American governent deliberately infected natives with smallpox blankets. Obviously, this is a matter of some contention. What kind of records exist? If this is a subject of debate between academics, then why is Churchill guilty of stating his position on the issue?

This is dealt with in the full report - which, by the way, reads like no right-wing hatchet job. It repeatedly acknowledges the horrors suffered by Indians, the racism of whites, the ambiguities of the historical record, and the validity of "different ways of knowing."
But, in a phrase, the claims made by Churchill on this issue just don't match the sources he cited, and it's not just a narrow miss. And that's when he cites sources at all.

And you can be damned sure that now whenever anyone brings up the genocide of the Indians, apologists will say, "Churchill made all that up."

By the way, Yoshie shows up on p. 77 of the report (p. 78 to a PDF reader):
>Professor Churchill then devoted several paragraphs of Submission B to a federal program announced in 1832 to vaccinate American Indians against smallpox and the orders issued by Lewis Cass, Secretary of War, concerning the implementation of that program. Professor Churchill described his source for that account as: "Extracts from Diane Pearson's 'Medical Diplomacy and the American Indian: Thomas Jefferson, the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and the Subsequent
>Effects on American Indian Health and Public Policy' (Wicazo Sa Review, Vol. 19, No. 1, 1994) offered by Yoshie Furuhashi in 'Nothing but the Facts.'" Furuhashi's "Nothing but the Facts" was an online posting no longer available at the time of our investigation.
>Professor Churchill's citation of Pearson is incorrect in several respects, though it is not clear whether the problem originated with Furuhashi or him.


What's amazing is how the Rightwing stalwarts of academic integrity and honesty can pass over the fact that almost every single assertion or piece of evidence presented by the US oiligarchy to justify the murder of 50,000+ Iraqis and 2,400+ US soldiers has been a shameless, contemptible

All true. But some of us writers who are radical critics of the established order feel an obligation to be especially accurate, making it a little harder for apologists to dismiss the critique.


What's noteworthy is that Ward Churchill's works investigated by the
Investigative Committee of the Standing Committee on Research
Misconduct at the University of Colorado at Boulder (cf.
are those published by non-scholarly presses -- except Routledge --
and publications:

Ward Churchill, ed., Critical Issue in Native North America
(Copenhagen: International Work Group on
Indigenous Affairs, 1989)

"The Water Plot," Z Magazine, April 1993

Struggle for the Land: Indigenous Resistance to Genocide, Ecocide, and
Expropriation in Contemporary North America (Monroe, ME: Common
Courage Press, 1993).

Indians Are Us? Culture and Genocide in Native North America (Monroe,
ME: Common Courage Press, 1994)

Since Predator Came: Notes from the Struggle for American Indian
Liberation (Littleton, CO: Aigis Publications, 1995).

A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas,
1492 to the Present (San Francisco: City Light Books, 1997)

"An American Holocaust? The Structure of Denial." Socialism and
Democracy, Vol. 17, No. 1 (Issue No. 33, 2003): 25-76,

Acts of Rebellion: The Ward Churchill Reader (New York: Routledge, 2003).

On the Justice of Roosting Chickens: Reflections on the Consequences
of U.S. Imperial Arrogance and Criminality (Oakland, CA: AK Press,

Perversions of Justice: Indigenous People and Angloamerican Law (San
Francisco: City Lights Books, 2003)

That raises questions: Is it fair to look into what gets published by
Z Magazine, AK Press, etc. and hold it up to exactly the same standard
as what gets published in scholarly journals and university presses?
Is it common for professors to get investigated for "academic
misconduct" on account of what they published for non-scholarly

As I stated in my previous postings, I try to do what I can to ensure accuracy, readability, and so on in editing pieces for MRZine, at times to the point of rewriting things nearly from the ground up, as much as my time allows. (You know me -- my habit is to footnote even goddamn LBO-talk postings.) Monthly Review, being a monthly publication, sets itself even a higher standard (e.g., when things get submitted to MR on topics in which MR editors are not well versed, they get sent to reviewers). But I don't think that other left-wing publishing outfits all do what we try to do, much less do the same as scholarly journals and university presses.

If left-wing scholars, from now on, must expect to have their popular works investigated in a way that Churchill's were, left-wing publishers would all have to change the way they do business and copy scholarly publishing procedures.

Shouldn't you be careful about saying things like this now that you have a position with Monthly Review? And aren't you encouraging people to treat the output of radical presses less seriously?


I asserted that a number of Arabs and Muslims suffer from what can be called "Holocaust envy" (at So do many American Indians and others who suffered -- or still suffer -- from oppressions that are downplayed or dismissed altogether by many. You see, the Holocaust has become _the_ standard of evil, and many are tempted to analogize their oppression to the Holocaust -- hence the prevalence of the term "genocide" among leftists, too, not just among genocide-mongers of the Right.

That's why I think Michael Steinberg's argument in
< > is so cogent.

Another reason is that a combination of moralism and capitalism tends to have us believe that intentional wrongs are more of a problem than unintentional wrongs. A case can be made that, morally speaking, intentional wrongs are worse than unintentional wrongs. But, in terms
of consequences, unintentional wrongs are often much worse than intentional wrongs. Some can be induced to understand this point intellectually, but many find it unsatisfying, trapped as they are in conventional morality.

I suspect that these two reasons led Ward Churchill to develop his apparent belief in, for instance, a case of an intentional spreading of smallpox where he couldn't find written records for it. (I don't think he deliberately tried to lie -- he probably talked himself into believing it, as many -- including scholars -- do about what they want to believe.)

"Holocaust envy"? I think that as far as Native Americans are concerned a better label might be "victim worthiness catagorization fatigue". It isn't envy but fatigue. While I believe that comparing and rating holocausts against some standard is a poor way to spend ones time I don't know why you would use the term envy the way you do. I have absolutely no envy in this matter, nor do any NA writers that I am aware of, but I am tired of the way our culture rates the worthiness of victims. I can't speak to Muslim or Arab "holocaust envy" as I don't feel I am familiar enough with their situation to do so but my initial reaction is to find that assertion less than compelling.

Fatigue is probably the best word for it. Can you imagine anyone but a raving lunatic telling someone who is jewish directly to their face that "yes, the holocaust was terrible but WWII drew the US much more into world affairs and allowed for the rebuilding and modernizing of Europe and Japan as well as serving to increase the rate of technological advances so in the end it was all for the best"? NA's are told this all the time and it is considered an accurate historic appraisal by most people. I've seen it written on this list as well. This engenders fatigue (and anger) but certainly not envy. The Nazi atrocities were really only unique in their technological application.

Steinberg is wrong when he writes: "And it was part of the special horror of the Holocaust that everything about its victims but the bare datum of their Jewishness was obliterated before the actual living Jews, personal lives and family histories stripped away with their clothing, were obliterated themselves."

.. . . .

Why shouldn't we initially consider the spreading of smallpox among the Mandan as intentional rather than unintentional? While I agree the record does not support Churchills assertions in this instance I see no reason to assume any instances of infectious disease spreading among NA's are unintentional unless proven otherwise. I believe just the opposite, they should be considered intentional until proven to be otherwise. I like Churchill's work but after reviewing the evidence it is obvious that he has either made an initial error that he refuses to acknowledge and correct or else he made shit up to suit his needs. It's very sad.

After reading the Investigative Committee Findings Report I am a bit surprised by the plagiarism findings. Those are really crappy conclusions. Churchill is obviously guilty of fabrication and falsification as well as failure to comply with established standards so I don't know why the committee felt compelled to throw in the plagiarism. It is far from obvious that he is guilty of anything other than the failure to comply with established standards regarding authors names on publications. In light of the rather significant body of work he has amassed it is disingenuous to focus on such minute, insignificant and otherwise explainable errors. The committee simply chose to disbelieve Churchill's explanation, not because of any overwhelming evidence, but for reasons they have kept to themselves.

John Thornton


Even leaving the Holocaust and its 12 million victims
(including the Red Army POWs, Communists, homosexuals,
Roma, _and_ Jews), who on earth would say that WWII
with its remaining, say 40 million dead, was "all for
the best"? Also conisdering that "increasing the rate
of technology advance" led to the creation and use of
atomic weapons? This is bizarre. It would be cruel and
insensitive to say to a Jew, "the destruction of
European Jewry is an insignificant footnote;" worse to
say "it was justified by its unintended consequences"
-- just as it would be insulting to say to a native
American similar things. Or to assert them inother
contexts. Because, after all, the destruction of the
Native Americans (far more certainly that WWII) did
lead to the unification and modernizing of the US and
increase in the rate of technological progress. Do you
think that makes, e.g., Wounded Knee or the Trail of
Tears justified? I don't think so.
The Nazi atrocities were really only unique in their technological application.
I'm not an advocate of the theory that the Holocaust
of the Jews was uniquely evil, not comparable to any
other evil act, etc. But first, please note that a
great lot of the killing -- maybe half of it -- was
not done in the killing factories with any specially
advanced or unique technology but by old fashioned
methods of mass shooting by the Einsatzgruppen in the
invasion of Russia. The Red Army POWs (3 million of
them) were simply left to starve or worked to death as
slave labor. (Stalin had most the survivors shipped
offto the gulag, btw.) It is really the scale of the
Holocaust (including all the victims, Jews and others)
that in part makes it unique as well as the
application of mass production -- destruction? --
techniques to many millions of deaths, also the wierd
irrationality of the thing -- the killing machine was
kept running while Germany was on the ropes, essential
war resources like trains were devoted to its ends
taht could have been used to, for example, attain the
end of the saner Nazis of a seperate peace with the
West by holding off the Russians; valuable slave labor
simnply wasted.
……. Quote snipped
This is demonstrably wrong. THe Nazis kept scrupulous
records of all the victims of the camps. Theyw ere
German, after all, bureaucratic and pendantic to a
fault. At the Jewish Burial Societ in Prague I saw an
exhibit of Children's art from Theriesenstadt (their
model camp,a tansit poiunt to Auschwitz for many W.
European Jews) with the names, birthplaces, birthdates
and death dates of the artists: Francois Rubel, b.
Lyon 1930, d. Auschwitz, 1943, and so forth. All from
German records. In a synagogue nearby there is
inscribed on the wall the names of the Jews
"transported" from Prague -- where do you think they
got those names? German records. I've seen exemplars
of the cards the Germans used to record the data on
their victims, processed on IBM machines, btw, there's
a book on IBM's complicity in the Holocaust; they took
a lot more data than that. Very Teutonic.

The victims of the Einsatzgruppen were another story,
they were simply erased, shot and dumped in mass
graves, but these also included Communists (see the
"Komissar Befehl" or Commissar Order) and others in
Russia as well, even if the Jews were the main victims
> -------
> > Another reason is that a combination of moralism and capitalism tends to have us believe that intentional wrongs are more of a problem than unintentional wrongs. A case can be made that,
> morally speaking, intentional wrongs are worse than unintentional wrongs.

Well, it makes the people who commit them worse people and more culpable.
But, in terms of consequences, unintentional wrongs are often much worse than
> > intentional wrongs. Some can be induced to understand this point intellectually, but many find it unsatisfying, trapped as they are in conventional morality.
The distinction is this: unintentional or unintended
wrongs, if sytstematic, indicate a bad system,
regardless of whether the people who benefit friom it
or run it are bad people. Intentional wrongs indicate
(though they are not conclusive proof) that the people
commit them are bad. We may be interested for various
reasons in punishing intentional wrongs (as I have
argued), but the main target for the left is the bad

> > > > I suspect that these two reasons led Ward Churchill to develop his apparent belief in, for instance, a case of an intentional spreading of smallpox where he couldn't find written records
> for it. (I don't think he deliberately tried to lie -- he probably talked himself into believing it, as many -- including scholars -- do about what they want to believe.)
Self deception is no excuse for scholarly sloppiness.

Read carefully. Michael is not saying that the Nazis didn't keep the records of their victims. He's saying that concrete details of humanity were stripped away from them and that they were reduced to categories -- Jews, Homosexuals, etc. -- in the eyes of the Nazis bent on dehumanization.

On 5/18/06, andie nachgeborenen wrote:
> But, in terms of consequences, unintentional wrongs are often much worse than intentional wrongs. Some can be induced to understand this point intellectually, but many find it unsatisfying, trapped as they are in conventional morality.
> The distinction is this: unintentional or unintended wrongs, if sytstematic, indicate a bad system, regardless of whether the people who benefit friom it or run it are bad people. Intentional wrongs indicate (though they are not conclusive proof) that the people commit them are bad. We may be interested for various reasons in punishing intentional wrongs (as I have argued), but the main target for the left is the bad system.
I agree with you, of course. I'm just pointing out that many people
-- even many leftists -- in the United States today find just blaming
the system emotionally unsatisfying. Hence the popularity of
narratives of planned, intentional genocides. And that popularity
actually plays into the hands of the Right.



> .....increase in the rate of technological progress. Do you think that makes, e.g., Wounded Knee or the Trail of Tears justified? I don't think so.
Which was exactly my point. It would be considered extremely bizarre to claim "it was all for the best" and only a raving lunatic would make such a claim and direct that statement to someone jewish. No one would do such a thing. Notice that you state that it would be just as insulting to say something similar to a NA but the fact is such things are said everyday in history classes all over the US. NA's are repeatedly told to their face that "they really do have to admit it was all for the best." Go to a local high school and middle school and ask to see a copy of their history textbooks. "Regretable", "unavoidable", "accidental", "in spite of good intentions", and "it all worked out for the best in the end" is exactly what you'll find. Dig through the archives
and you'll find some of these same claims made on this list.
> The Nazi atrocities were really only unique in their technological application.
> -----
> I'm not an advocate of the theory that the Holocaust of the J....... holding off the Russians; valuable slave labor simnply wasted.

But the scale was not unique and the fatigue comes from hearing this over and over again. I imagine you are familiar with the Taino people. From 1493 to 1507 somewhere between 4 to 7 million Taino people (Bartolome de Las Casas estimated 3 to 4 million at the time) were deliberately exterminated by the Spanish. How, other than the technology used, is this different than the 5 to 8 millions Jews exterminated in the Holocaust? The Taino people are extinct. It was successful as genocides go. They were replaced by slaves from Africa because they were, in that situation, easier to control. How many cultures were actually exterminated by the Nazi's? Dozens of cultures were deliberately erased in the invasion of the America's and the attempted extermination of its indigenous people.

"Holocaust envy" has nothing to do with how people feel about this but fatigue certainly does. The shoah is not unique unless you feel European victims of atrocities are somehow more worthy victims than Native peoples. I imagine you don't consciously believe that. What in the scale of the shoah is so different from what happened to the Taino? How was the shoah more irrational than unleashing packs of dogs on groups of people and betting on the outcome? Using live NA's to "test" the sharpness of knives? Riding on them like pack animals for sport? Roasting them alive on a spit or hacking children into pieces and feeding them to their dogs? Slave labor simply wasted? Read Bartolome de Las Casas writings from the period and tell me how this slaughter is somehow of a lesser scale. It was not an occasional soldier or band of soldiers misbehaving but rather the wholesale and systematic torture and extermination of an entire people.

While the overall history of the post-Columbian attempted extermination of NA's took ~300 years it also took the lives of some 18+ million people. I know of no other extermination attempt that was as continuous or nearly successful since the NA population in 1900 was ~240,000. Each holocaust was necessarily different since the duration, timeframe, and rational were different but to claim one over the other as greater in scale or more abhorent is both pointless and counterproductive. Doing so is to assess the worthiness of the victims whether this ones intention or not. I find the idea that Muslims, Native Americans, Arabs or any group are suffering from "holocaust envy' an offensive idea. I don't expect you to change your mind and stop thinking of the shoah as you expressed here;

" It is really the scale of the Holocaust (including all the victims, Jews and others) that in part makes it unique as well as the application of mass production -- destruction? -- techniques to many millions of deaths, also the weird irrationality of the thing"

It is my experience that people seldom change their opinions of such things. Why I am writing such a lengthy reply is not at all clear to me. Perhaps it is the only way I can deal with the weariness generated by statements such as the above. This is probably written for my benefit more than anyone elses.

John Thornton

commitee thing: There is no question that John Smith was brutal in his treatment of Indians and interested in having English settlers colonize New England. However, the evidence suggests that he viewed the native population as an important source of labor. As Salisbury explains,
Smith "would use military repression in order to force the natives to work for their colonial masters." The evidence that Smith wanted to use Indians as a labor force contradicts Professor Churchill's contention that he wanted to see them wiped out.


All true.

But by the post Civil War era Slotkin focuses on in
"Gunfighter Nation", these dreams of enslavement were
a thing of the forgotten past.

Westward expansion (as every school child used to
know) was the battle cry and the native peoples were
perceived as being an obstacle in need of quick and
decisive removal.

Slotkin starts his work by examining the mythological
assumptions tightly coiled about Frederick Jackson
Turner's address to the World Columbian Exposition on
July 12, 1893 titled "The Significance of the Frontier
in American History."

Nearly all of our subsequent pop cultural notions
about the West, and the native people's place in it
(including the vanished Indian meme Dennis Claxton
pointed out), can be found in this late 19th century

the US'
existence is celebrated (without reservation by
'conservatives' and with caveats, of varying strength,
by culturally sensitive 'liberals') as an achievment.

And yet, an ocean of blood was spilled and a mountain
of skulls were crushed. How do you reconcile this
horrific fact with the (from the point of view of many
- or, most of us) positive elements of the US' arrival
on the scene?

By saying, in so many words, that although this
destruction was 'regrettable' it's worked out well
enough (the freedoms and all).

In his book "Gunfighter Nation" (1998, Univ. of
Oklahoma Press), Richard Slotkin traces the evolution
of American attutudes towards Native Americans; from
vermin that must be exterminated (the 'Indian Wars'
period) to "noble savages" who, sadly, had to be
removed to make way for a great nation's rise.

This is deeply woven into the collective American
consciousness (well, at least that portion of it that
bothers to think about the matter at all).


It is worthwhile remembering that the slogan "Go West, Young Man" is not all that separate from the slogan, "The only good Indian is a dead Indian."

And that latter slogan surely ranks in importance with any of the more polite slogans of u.s. (e pluribus unum; in god we trust; etc.).


Thanks. I was pretty sure that he'd finally acknowledged -- in spite of the disingenuous press release when the controversy hit the fan -- that he really did mean that everyone including janitors are culpable in one way or another. He lays it out in the second piece and in a footnote says that, yes, he too should would have been just as guilty as anyone else on one of the planes and, thus, deserving of the same fate as those on the plane.

He engages in the kind of thinking Doug has criticizes here: the all or nothing, you're the oppressed or you're an oppressor thinking. I have been criticizing that at the blog on a number of levels, which Carrol called a 'pissing match' and which I've been calling the "more oppresseder than thou" sweepstakes, arguing that it emanates from a (naive) standpoint epistemology.

Incidentally, I was reading Judith Butler's _Gender Trouble_ over the weekend and she takes as one point of her analysis a criticism of the existentialism Jaspar's engaged in. She moves on to a critique of radical French feminism as well -- in its attempts to locate women's standpoint 'outside of history'. but, hey, blahbeddy blah blah blah.She moves between each of these two positions, forging an alternative approach to try to understand the dynamics of power as not simply about power v. powerlessness.

"If you throw them out, what good will come of it?"
People travel back and forth to Mexico all the time, legals as well as illegals. Deportation rates spike in mid-December because people turn themselves in to get the free ride home. They are willing to pay the price to return (typically $1,500 at the border, along with some hard walking still a good deal at half the full price) to get home for Christmas and then return to their jobs later. A program that offered legal status to people applying in Mexico rather than inthe US would trigger a huge flood of temporary (thank God) returnees, who would be legal afterwards, and who would be in a position to demand fair pay.
"The only way to get rid of illegals entirely is to create a total surveillance police state, which would be immensely expensive and very difficult for many reasons."
No, actually. The surveillance is from legal immigrants and working people, who turn them in to tip lines constantly. About 70% of our tips come in in semi-literate Spanish. They don't like the competition.
"What would Native Americans have said as they over looked the landing near the Mayflower or similar ship? “A lot of ‘illegal’ puritan immigrants coming from Europe! Where will we put them all?”
"The status of the land that they occupy is “illegal”, treaties were broken time after time, genocide enacted on the Native Americans with little regard to legality. Land stolen time after time."
What have you done with the real modernityblog? What a load of half-witted nonsense.

What "would" the Pequot have said when th English showed up? Why wonder - actions speak louder than words. They decided not to wipe them out, because they were useful for trade goods and for entertainment. For one thing, their ugly-ass language sounds hilarious. Who next? Is "modernit" seriously suggesting that the English pushed in on the Iroquois, the pre-eminent military power on the continent at the time? That is too batshit delusional even to comment on.
"treaties were broken time after time" and quite often negotiated in bad faith from the very beginning. A prime example is the way the Tsalagi notoriously sold land in the Carolinas they didn't even control, let alone have any defensible claim to, kicking off decades of bloodshed and strife. Cheating a bunch of big, blond Saxons is hardly sporting, but maybe the money was just too good to pass up.
"Land stolen time after time." You at least got this part correct, by mistake though, I am sure. An example is the huge war between the Lakota and the US over the Black Hills, which the Lakota and Cheyenne had just recently driven the Absaroka out of after themselves being driven out of Minnesota by the immigrant/invading Ojibwe from Ontario. The point is that the land got "stolen" (the accurate term would have been "taken") many times.
"Given that they were a bunch of primitve savages they probably would have worshipped the Europeans as gods "
WTF? The Americans were primitive? As opposed to people who never bathed and who were ignorant of simple agricultural techniques?

Posted by: Jim at May 5, 2006 09:15 PM

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rock dust news the father of agrogeology in Brazil 2004 (not exactly news but the rest is of this item is from the last few months) 5 posts so far by a master gardener from the Rutgers U NJ and ishmael(dotcom) reader strikes up conversation here since last januari rock dust is soil building community fuel and keeps you right busy making it too. In this editorial aggregates (dusts) are called soil additive but as I indicated, this stuff of life, if anything deserves such a name, is more . ..errr.. fundamental (in the good sense for a change) than that. dust byproduct in norway goes to waste so far but now some folks are gonna test it has 34 members now the dynamo there likes (green fuels) rocks for crops (phosphates in ((sub-saharan)) africa) Peter van Straaten a whole booklenght and thorough survey of all sorts of rocks in africa by country (repeat mention and well worth it)

checking for permaculture (2000 mentions sortable by date or relevance) I click a google ad (very rarely do indeed) and find a very slick piece of marketing: 50 pounds makes you co-owner of a woodscapestretch and it funds good website makers too. the blog starts halfway down the page and 3 quarters down is a press section, no registering required to comment; there are biodiversity and folklore sections too. februari article about the Seer Centre in Scotland Most of the above courtesy Joanne's newspage.

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godawful zioviolence

All comments to an Item at Mary's (about Rabbis that hurt good neighbourly relations) so far:

Excelet article. fantastic blog. please keep up the excellent writing.

Gravatar You will find quite a lot of these translated from the hebrew press at: e...mainenglish.htm

I particularly like the sub-section (clickable from the right hand column) 'Intellectual Extremism'.

Well, I would, wouldn't I?

yes, AAD is good.

mirrorreverse of supremacy sowing is the supremacy seeking semite; in Holland jobless Berbers are often, perhaps even mostly seen as the victim card pulling (semi-)semites (and why not? Pampering ((getting jobs making it rather difficult to save, especially if you insist on status symbols like 'merkkleding' = fancy clothes)) is torture and suffocation) living in the 'achterstandsbuurten' = sections of a city with a lag, full of 'kansarmen' = poor in choice - illustrating the all or nothing mindset that makes egoism lucrative and trying to reckon with/be accountable to all affected damn near prosecutable.

Palestinians better dig up the healthy secular permacultural roots (and/or) better yet point to the permacultural shoots?) of Zionism (Palis were shown singing in greenhouses on dutch tv after the gaza evacuation) in the same way Beckerath had to sign letters with heil hitlers to ward off moronic questions about them). Nearly 2 years ago I noted that a certain similarity between soviet days and us policy was evident (rather late really if you've seen Eustace Mullins' work nearly 20 years ago).

Yesterday, a beatiful man (world champ in some martial discipline) gets to say (in beautiful and real dutch, none of the rebellious intonations, no cutting gestures or anything. .. .that's not to say I would like to speak a word or two with him about agression*) that a neighbourhood on the edge of amsterdam (where I considered buying a garden 6 years ago) has 70.000 2nd generation immigrants and only one youthcenter.

Right after that, our stupid ('keep us all together') type of platitude spouting Amsterdam mayor (type of jew that is dilute enough to lose some of the ugly features; same type they sent to holland to bring us the 'suit yourselves, miss the boat if you must' message regarding afghanistan missions ((the agressive ones are political unfeasible; the haggling is over clear differences between de- and constructive invasiveness all such deliberation delay caused a threat of sanctions by way of Bremer, yes, the Paulian, former dutch ambassador)) was given precious monopolisticlique mass media time to yet again apply what I call the 'thunder stealing strategy'; mouth a few more and more exprejudices as we go along being so richly supplied with illustrations of (to the chagrin of the semi-ts who claim this happens to the exclusion of, in unfair proportions, are fearmongering of a kind they completely dissociate themselves with, etcetera#) of the right but don't take any such measures; keep telling them all at once to go to school).

More useful would be a course in autonomy; Dutch life in the simple handtool brandishing settler days of self sufficiency and communal stuff like dyke building (to be replaced with fun rock grinding).

I'd not force a person without aptitude due to little or no cultural background in intellectual pursuits to stay put in school benches; I'd give all folks in the mentioned concrete deserts a gar

Can i make one poin most of thoes rabbis are spehardi arab jews so much about you theory about it being all ashkenzai jews are the racist ones

I'd not force a person without aptitude due to little or no cultural background in intellectual pursuits to stay put in school benches; I'd give all folks in the mentioned concrete deserts a garden sorta the size of the schrebergarten in the Viennese garden quarters (big enough to have a family fruit tree or two and always a choice to spend time in wellstocked libraries than follow obligatory courses.

*Same goes for Shamir, who's defence of tactic diversity, similar to that of ChuckO the infoshop starter is (was, over a year ago) illustrated with stories about

#nobody never did nor does nuttin; they are not responsible for each other except when impunity/opportunity calls; nobody knew nuttin about the real threat to van Gogh .. .. a real soap on which passed through short media circuitry last week, a fella who said lots knew and were involved denied after a few days and claimed he was put under pressure. I find it real odd none of these idiots knew any of the maroccans Theo van Gogh worked with (LOTS) and vice versa. Wish he would have found the support from the circles round the fella I first mentioned. Wish my exquisitely deep dutchness would have culminated in a change of mind on Bush and life for as well as movies with Theo.

fixed a few mistakes

I'd not force a person without aptitude due to little or no cultural background in intellectual pursuits to stay put in school benches; I'd give all folks in the mentioned concrete deserts a garden sorta the size of the schrebergarten in the Viennese garden quarters (big enough to have a family fruit tree or two) and always a choice to spend time in wellstocked libraries rather than follow obligatory courses.

*Same goes for Shamir, who's defence of tactic diversity, similar to that of ChuckO the infoshop starter and and Ward Churchill, is (was, over a year ago) consisted of illustrations from early christianity: male and warlike half bringing justice, compassionate one bringing mercy, side by side (bull of course . .. I tried to theorize about such and for all I care named christian type crisis solving while NATO and Soros hit socialism: send out women with carriers to distribute handtools, knowledge whatnot and keep convincing strenght ready to pounce and punish if waylaid); I agree a dual course must be sought but this bloodshed bilge isnt any better than the stuff 'anglospherians' spout, about the wars between free and slave armies); all crap really cause the question is not just where and when to be soft or hard but must also and for completeness sake include what you will be soft and hard on/to (hard to the rock, soft to the seedlings; If luxurious times (like some of what I call mine, making a near as possible perfect website about it))) isn't used to draw the attention of present bloodshedders by pre-emptation of future flows (substitute muds and mists; bring back the 1000 year old cedars of lebanon, greens of the sahara, etcetera) fails to do so, even with guys like me around; I consider it all spark glamour and groomery misplaced waste, a sin and missed chance.

I think my interpretation of the gospels is as valid as those that hammer on whatever Jesus might have done with a sword if he used that word at all meant by it (never mind the monomyth aspects now cause heroism IS a very tangible thing as anybody with a half way decent father knows.... wish my kids did/will).

Destructive idiots (pyromaniacs, chronically dismissives, dissers i think they think themselves proudly and other reactionaries) are up for the chaingang ball park like the ones I have in mind but for starters or else, send the worst of them to the dutch or maroccan armies (their choice on a 3 strikes you're in basis) and the others) but give the others a real stay/anchor root, the type that privileged folks like me never even got cause church, commerce and parental authority rules and kids must follow gardening orders before inheriting anything.

Gravatar Piet, the context of universal and random labour migration, everywhere except in the Jewish zones of the world - not just IzRealHell, but any Jewish enclave anywhere, is protected by the fear of anti-semitism against incursions by have nots - is what is so hard to explain.

I have shown, I think, that the myth of anti-semitism, endlessly repeated and amplified, allowed and even encouraged to become a self-fulfilling prophecy to some extent, is what makes this contradiction occur, but what is it that lies behind the myth?

I think we are allowed to say that Jewishness invites its own nemesis, quite universally, and that zionism is just one modality of this nemesis which always masquerades as a 'solution to the problem of anti-semitism' but always ends up making it worse.

But what is it in our spiritual constitution - all of us - that creates the Jew? certainly he did not fall out of the sky or spring from the ground at God's command. He is our reflection. And we are his.

Hence the importance of Mahler's obscure Hegelian lucubrations. englis...icle1196096.ece Condi to Norway: "Buy from Israel or we'll make you pay" (NO via Gorilla)

zioviolution advocated by supporters of Hirsi Ali will be happy with her nobel nomination.

lucubrate this a wee tad clearer please:

"Piet, the context of universal and random labour migration, everywhere except in the Jewish zones of the world - not just IzRealHell, but any Jewish enclave anywhere, is protected by the fear of anti-semitism against incursions by have nots - is what is so hard to explain."

For once I can return a favor and say that je ne comprends pas

Gravatar Why anyone would want a prize donated by the inventor of dynamite beats me.

A doom filled essay by the gray eminence BEHIND Horst Mahler, on "America the Anti-Nation", here: ...tureandfall.htm

Gravatar What I mean is that just the same dynamic forces everyone except the Jews to open themselves to free labour migration in and out of their erstwhile homelands, as allows the Jews to demand the exact opposite - no one in THEIR homeland except under their control.

In both cases it is the ever present shadow of anti semitism and especially the holocaust myth - on the one hand it allows Jews to demand super secure enclaves and a super secure homeland, and on the other, it allows them to demand that everyone else be deprived of this, for fear that these other peoples will constitute themselves as non jewish, and hence potentially anti jewish, national blocs - especially the germans!

Gravatar Just to let you chickens know, early doors, that there is a 'Great Debates' programme tonight on BBC Radio 4 on the different approaches to achieving racial equality and justice, between the methods of Martin Luther King and Malcolm
Dr Martin Luther King v Malcolm X
The demi-g-ds of the ISM have adopted one of Malcolm's motto as their own, 'by any means necessary'

- last weeks debate between Erasmus ( who is a personal fave of mine) and the original nasty old Martin Luther, viz a viz 'freedom' and 'predestination' as the Bible presents it, was ok actually -

Also. you might enjoy the BBC Radio 4's In Our Time which is an exploration of themes by leading experts to do with all sorts of interesting ideas theories etc

ok, get it now, so: Piet, the context of universal and random labour migration, everywhere except in the Jewish zones of the world - not just IzRealHell, but any Jewish enclave anywhere, is protected by the fear of anti-semitism against incursions by have nots - is what is so hard to explain.

should be:

Piet, the context of universal and random labour migration, everywhere except in the Jewish zones of the world - not just IzRealHell, but any Jewish enclave anywhere, WHICH ARE 'protected' by the fear of anti-semitism ARE OPEN TO incursions by have nots - is what is so hard to explain.


Piet, the context of universal and random labour migration is what is so hard to explain.

in the Jewish zones of the world - not just IzRealHell, but any Jewish enclave anywhere - incursions by have nots are brutally beaten down to squash and yet in the name of anti-semitism (since it evokes the latter which it wouldn't were it not for worldwide double standards from which the wall will not effectively distract).

Gravatar In the Western attempts at Reform of the Calvinist type, the factor of social adeptness in the community was made absolute and the social success or failure of the individual taken as proof of his eternal salvation or his eternal damnation. The forceful establishment of this view of the World in its religious, World-political, and social-political forms, cleared the way for the transformation of the World into a refuse heap. By means of Capitalism and Democracy, all traditional arrangements are destroyed, the various peoples are converted into the refuse pile of the World Populatiom and the folk-economies into the trash heap of the management of World resources.

Capitalism and Democracy have an uncurbed destructive power if they are not limited by thought patterns which are essentially foreign to them and are able to display their atomistic-quantitative peculiarity undisturbed. This atomistic World-view is concentrated totally upon the units of currency, by which Capital counts its funds and its winnings, and upon the number of votes by which democratic potential for rulership and its increase in power are measured. Democracy and Capital have this atomistic quantity-oriented thinking in common; it ends in the destruction of all goods and all peoples through their transformation into units of currency and into voters. The unification of currency for all World capital funds and the universal right of suffrage for all citizens of the World populatiom are the logical end-stage of the capitalistic-democratic way of thinking. In its estimation, a democracy is all the more legitimate, the greater the number of voters, and that is why democracy does not mean the control of a people over itself, but the destruction of all genuine peoples, who are then viewed as but a minority (as, perhaps, the Boers are seen today) whose rule over themselves is not permitted and must be sanctioned.

(op. cit.)

looks like John Zube the panarchist has an accolade he will never say stuff like he did about me about: 'with friends like these .. ..'

richard (looks a bit like that diplomat I mentioned being on tv yesterday):

This means that I would endorse any kind of Government as long as membership would be on a voluntary basis, at the expense only of its supporters. A communist Government for the communists, a 'welfare' Government for welfarists, a limited Government for minarchists, no Government for anarchists, or Muslim Government for Muslims, Catholic for Catholics, Buddhist for Buddhists etc., and all the varieties in between, all on a voluntary basis. That would put an end to so much ideological and religious antagonism. People would finally have the Government they want (or none), no matter where they lived. That is political freedom to me.*

I advocate peaceful means in order to reach peace. In other words, to cite Le Grand E. Day:

"Let it be clearly understood that this system must work and grow within the legal means of the already-established governments. The tools needed to bring about multigovernment are communications, not bloodshed; education, not violence; persuasion, not revolution. There is nothing in this thesis that advocates, suggests, or implies the overthrow of any existing government by force or violence."

Piet: I did not really like his way of casting Beckerath et al in present day lingo (last oct in savehaven) but as he says, to each his own.

down with the co-optation of co-operative capitalism

let's hear it for a scot:


Noam Chomsky said Iran would be “crazy” not to develop nuclear weapons. Speaking Tuesday to an audience of over 1,000 at University College, Dublin — Ireland’s largest university — Chomsky said, “No sane person wants Iran to have nuclear weapons,” but added that the Islamic republic had to respond to alleged threats from Israel and the United States, both nuclear powers. Chomsky, a professor emeritus of linguistics at MIT, is in Ireland this week for a series of speaking engagements.

-- “No sane person wants Iran to have nuclear weapons” eh? speak for yourself chumpsky

Gravatar A Jewish American’s experience in Zionist Israel:

A Christian is permitted to preach the gospel in a church building, but for the clergy or anyone to even tell anyone about teachings in Bible outside the church building will bring a 5 years prison sentence.

For a Christian to give a Bible or religious article to a Jew will also bring a 5 years sentence. Even an act of kindness by a Christian toward a Jew, such as giving a gift of food, can be interpreted as trying to convert the Jew to Christianity and can bring a 5 years prison sentence.

This same law of religious suppression applies to those of the Islamic faith who in an act of kindness give a gift of any kind to a Jew. A 5 year prison sentence can result. bernstein.html

Well, I know the ADL propagandists call him ‘liar’ and ‘self-hating Jew’.

Gravatar I thought Prof Chomsky was - but what is it you yourself mean, Rowan ?

Gravatar In case your wondering Rowan, I agree with the good Prof - but being an extremist I go further and say that both nuclear weapons, and the nuclear industries are all immoral -

- nuclear research is all fine, grandy and dandy - where else would be able to find uses for all those lovely James Joyce Celtic-isms, such as -- 'bampots' - 'quarks' - 'jings' - 'crivvens' - and and the immortal 'help ma boab'

Gravatar Great article thecutter.

This was the sort of speil that Goebbals and his pals were spouting on about, on their favourite defenceless innocent targets of German Jewish folk.

Going back to that 'Flame' article by the estimable Jeff Blankfort -

- can you image the uproar if it was an advert for the ethnic cleansing of Jewish folk from Poland - oh that's right, thats already been done hasn't it, and received the proper condemnation it deserves with the various culprits responsible punished where possible -

- and no adverts will be placed on behalf of those that deny various events associated with the Nazi ethnic cleansing of Poland -

PS although I didn't get a lot from Jeff's article on Prof Chomsky Chomsky.html
I think this is much better by Jeff
The Power of The Israel Lobby: Two Viewpoints
A debate between Prof. Stephen Zunes and Jeffrey Blankfort

Stephen Zunes agrees with Prof Chomsky on the idea of Israel as a US 'strategic asset'.

Anyway, I think it much better because US racism is discussed - I think that some of the folk who say they are 'anti-zionist' are just anti-Jewish racists -

- as people know, I have no problems with how people want to express themselves - unless you're being deliberately difficult and obtuse about matters then the meaning of terms are pretty much clear in the context in which they are used

Gravatar seems to be coming along very nicely.

Congratulations Rowan.

Gravatar I first got a computer - though not by my choice - about three years ago and, soon, I was revelling in an apparent ability to "talk" with people from all around the world ... who I naively imagined were being up-front, like most people are when face to face, or even on the telephone.

What a fool I was, but at least I got to know that and started to discriminate between scoundrels like like Rowan and those who are really trying to find an answer (rather than some some throw-back to such failures as Hitler, Mussolini and - FFS - Disraeli).

Are you fuckers so dense that you cannot see what what the autodidactic Rowan is doing

Gravatar BTW "our resident wet" has actually killed and has actually been part of some of what you wankers - not least Rowan - only pontificate about.

Geez joe. You are a vegetarian, right?

Get real!

From where, the fuck, in Scotland, are you going to get a vegetarian diet, unless from a supermarket which imports vegetables from around the world?

Dream world/nightmare world ... a nightmare world in which runts like Rowan can plot to mount a take-over, just like Mussolini, Hitler and GWB have ... and ALL of them failures, albeit that Rowan has been a great success in this puddle of a blog.

Gravatar " seems to be coming along very nicely. Congratulations Rowan.
Our Resident Wet | 01.19.06 - 1:34 am | #"

-- goodness me, Gerry, have you and Iblis started a blog simply to attack me? I am sincerely flattered, now I know I have arrived as a real presence in the blogosphere.

Gravatar For connoisseurs of IzRealHell's bizarre political scene, I can offer the following, gleaned from my listening to Israel Army Radio : the mizrachi religious party, Shas, has launched a new jingle which appears to take advantage of the popular confusion between oriental jews and sephardi (spanish) ones - it begins with a couple of flamenco guitar arpeggios and a chorus shouting "olé!"

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

13 link post (wide ranging; wildly so in fact; last one is a favorite tune)

The extra fat christmas issue of the fat dutch right wing weekly 'elsevier' has pictures of that baby face billionaire media mongrel who says his next station will be 'wide', which assertion contain hopes he manages to dash in appending his kind of example (from beer business): ..., Heineken can exist besides/alongside Amstel (illustrative of the one track stupidity in Dutch media land (retch!!! Bleaghhhh!!) on John Lennon; he obviously has some jew ishness about him, particularly noticable in a frontal photo of him here. a google page

virginia in my eyes by Robbie Schaefer - the band: Eddie from Ohio (another sublime song heard on folkalley); such a generous band (and tight tight tight)!!!!!! Their jukebox is filled to the brim (fiddle back ((to the song you just heard)) and forth if it don't go to the next great song automatically), they've put out a choice of more than a handful of albums so far. Oh by the way, the juke doesn't have the song that led me here but the guitar player is such a strong and consistently in character one I was curious for every next song all the way through.

Chinese police raid gay festival

Counter Terrorism Online Community * Vedik Topic
dewi contributes: Aditi Chaturvedi Many centuries before prophet Muhammad and the destructive advent of Islam, Arabia or Arabistan was an extremely ... -93k (of 63407 as of dec 16) From: "Timothy W. Dunkin " Date: Fri Feb 14, 2003 7:05 pm Subject: The truth about the "Vedic" civilisation

I don't know enough Indian history to tell if Tim is refuting Chaturvedi effectively or not but the fact he signs with Timothy Abd al-Masih makes me doubt his objectivity. Anyway, he recommends Drs. D. Devakala and A. Harris might be of interest to you,as would Nirad Chaudhuri's "Hinduism", quotes chaturvedi approvingly and says this person is female posts a swords chapter here and also a long piece by Sudheer Birodkar cache has the essentials of the story with the added note: "Works of P.N. Oak and Robert A. Morey have been used to compose this article." -

a similar note (here:,energie/Vedicarabia2.htm):
Note: Works of P.N. Oak, Sita Ram Goel, Arun Shourie, Jay Dubashi, Harsh Narain and Ram Swarup have been used to compose this article. -- Original location: This story URL: story available in 5 languages The Two Faces of Islam : The House of Sa'ud from Tradition to Terror by stephen Schwartz reviews (5 pages worth)
Summary: Full of lies Review: First a quote from the book:
"Muhammad's message included warnings not to ignore the righteous among among the Jews and Christians, who are collectively known to Muslims as People of the Book. Islam, from its beginnings, banned compulsion in matters of faith and mandated the protection of Jews, Christians, and other religious believers. Yet Muslims are accused, largely falsely, of a savage forced Islamization of subject peoples, supposedly inspired by the narrow, fanatical, and ignorant Muhammad. The Prophet of Islam is typically described as a desert bandit who claimed to have invented a new religion on his own."

I totally disagree with this. It is a flagrant lie. Muhammad (and I refuse to call him Prophet), was violent right from beginning. In fact he was disbarred from entering Mecca for many years because of his violence and he lived in Medina many years. All these years he kept on receiving messages from Allah ... continued. He lived in a time when Arabia was overrun by Pan-Hinduic idolatrous and polytheistic and largely pacifist people. Of course you cannot be really pacifist if you are being killed and your women are being violated. Mahammad used to recieve one fifth the share of loot which Islamic killers recovered from victims. History of Islam is replete with jihadic wars whose sole aims were to fill the treasuries of many barabaric rulers (Muhammad included) with wealth obtained by ... of non-believers and to convert these peoples...Although some arguments and evidence are far fetched you cannot reject all the material Ms. Aditi Chaturvedi presents in those pages.

LBO commenter cites a Parenti book: " .. . .. SWAT, the subtitle of which reads, "Special Weapons and Tactics for the Prepared American." Published by Larry Flynt of Hustler fame, SWAT reads like pornography for gun nuts: "During penetration, the prestressed Quik-Shok projectile expands rapidly and then splits into three even sections. These segments or fragments penetrate in separate directions in an ever- widening pattern inside a soft target. Fragmentation is the main cause of tissue disruption." (Christian Parenti, "SWAT Nation,") via Yoshie nutty stuff (I bet) on Crowley via guess who

Friday, December 09, 2005

Dan Winter related surfage and comment

nice looking tree house swiss tv on elektrosmog (damanhur type solutions by an egyptian tv-star) graphics of schaubergerian Russellish caliber)

escher animation

recent stuff via the junkyard/recent.html

bruce rawles has a 62 page gallery up

intimate yet spacious capture of a nice piece of new zealand

nice cloudwork there and scroll down to the little roofgarden if you do go there most sites in this members list: Darwin only is saintly (but the linklist is long) 100.000 posts but he usnisa neuark fo! lks seem to have bombed here (at least a 'cosmic cube' thread did) gregarious reggae fella who spruces up his large image collection with pics from vitarka folks .. looks like this theocrat (declaring the whole world a -cracy) borrowed all the graphics for his own purposes pay 'tention class (ufo abduction reunion 1973 on the fourth page); pretty kitschy stuff here though, lotsa angels from here:

closefriends Dan winter is here too and isn't Madonna's Kabballah teacher's name Berg? -- has been newly added to the cube collectioneurs via wilcox (who does music here: ) at one of them 'tie it all together' guys using the same puzzle pieces as Winter but not mentioning him is now (in case you missed last time I told you) . .. .. . toys of the thoughtful kind and more: trees and rhyzomes (no nicky talks not of pleasing pleach but 'strong AI'); my (60th tangential) contribution:

aaaah, this 'll be good .. ..can I watch? Blush?!!?

here's a little limbering up for you both; spectrum practice of the supreme spirally cirqhuelarious kind: The lady has branched out from the black and white rudiments I saw at least a decade ago, matter of fact, I think we can squarely blame her for refuge in art and diy divination rather than diy dust foundatio! n ..

this is what she's up to with her money: cultures/heartsun.html

harmonics/harmonicharts.html nice rainbow systemic (ch)arts at $90 a shot (wholesale) one of 'm becomes almost entirely legible when saving and using a zoom function, on the darker one I have more luck .. . her progressions are waaaaayyyy better to follow than those of Arguelles:
FEAR DIVIDES, control divides (100BC-400AD), division seeks
DIVISION SEEKS, constancy, seeking invents, invention theorizes,
CONSTANCY LOVES, theory practices, practice deepens (1950s-1990s)
Identity dissolution, terrorism, new age commerce, death of caterpillar stage, visons of new earth -- (1990s-2020s) Alchemical transmutations, disempowerment of OWL(?)
LOVE UNITES, depth imagines (22500BC), imagination embodies
UNITY CHANGES, embodiment migrates, migration settles
CHANGE FEARS, settling conflicts, conflict controls short articles and charts about the origin of agriculture (Laurence Gardner, Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien et al) via Dan Winter, here's an overview of work by such diffusionists, prone to fabulism (with the sun as mega mekka the eagle bloodlines reach and the serpent bloodlines betray and subvert to cut a very much too long story down to size = very short): - this crowd ventures into music as well (interdisciplinary as they like to be): (is this softish metal?)
But The Nine's influence does not extend merely to New Age channelling circles. Andrija Puharich, James Hurtak and Richard Hoagland have all lectured at the United Nations in New York. And individuals connected with The Nine are also known to have influence with Vice-President Al Gore. Of course, if The Nine really are the ancient gods of Egypt, then surely there could be fewer more significant events than their return. One may be justified in thinking that the more leading politicians who fall under their influence the better; but are they really the ancient Ennead of Egypt? Can it be that they have actually returned to sort us all out, scattering love and enlightenment from their high moral ground?
Dan quotes all of this:

The evidence we have gathered strongly suggests that Tom and his fellow gods originated, not in the stars, but behind closed doors as part of a CIA mind control experiment. And what happened to that experiment? Now with hundreds of thousands of devotees, some in very high places, can The Nine be deemed a success? Of course, that depends very much on what the CIA had in mind. With their subtle racist propaganda, perhaps the flaky New Age Nine should worry the hell out of us.

I found myself pondering the likes of Daniel Winter (all the easier for having had the invaluable bit of personal experience with him ((even met his father and the saw the family business)) before he self banished and vanished from turtle island soil in defiance of some sort of ridiculour plagiarism fine imposed by Stan Tenen's (who still keeps this self-discrediting bit of history at the bottom of his homepage). Tenen kinda rightly accused Dan of featuring brown aspects of ideology and indeed we find this semi-outlaw, semi-anonymous world circuit lecturer and minstrel obsessing about blood and timelines (but it takes one to know one). Let's look a little closer.

Sibling rivalry started back up and out far away in space with changing fortunes and close calls wars, innumerable battles and grounds won and lost, they mate and mutate in combos each trying to disguise differences for a temporary edge or spying and sabotage purposes, each main player purportedly known by name, a never ending stream includes all major and minor middle eastern gods pass review; Sitchin, a palestinian who stood at the base of the alien craze is the biggest guide and leading light in this narrative. If this alledged precision does not makes one very suspicious the moon story will but let me tell you what brilliant thought crossed my mind early this morn after yesterday's perusal of almanac style timeline narrative spanning 6000 years and slowing down the last 30 by way of . ..

"and finally - For Celebrating a CENTURY of Murder That is
Political America's BAD DREAM Needing Fresh Air
(SMANANIC RECAPITULATION means - Awareness Comes When the UN-Shareable is Made SHAREABLE): -

Skeleton Key to Hell's Mouth?
- we reprint: A SKELETON KEY TO THE GEMSTONE FILES (from:,, ) MAY 1, 1975 (To take these details of almost 100 years of political lies and murder that IS the U.S. Government - up to the present -
Implosion Group recommends finishing with: THE DEAD BODY COUNT BEHIND THE GEORGE BUSH FAMILY
at 'Bushed" & "

.. .. which dwells on the mob, Onassis and the Kennedys.

I think we can see Dan as a drama queen personifying all the stuff that happens on a molecular level and the serpent/eagle moon/sun opposition/enmity is nothing but .. . the gender one as shown by Otto Weininger (who's main work is to a large extent bio-chemistry), Andrew Lehman (hormone expert). Throw in Freud's and Kevin Macdonald's group psychology work and it all falls into place for me. Given that Dan is a little blocked when it comes to personal feelings (as far as I know his are always temporary) I can see why he hates the moon so much and imagines it a metal hull teeming with aliens coated and coded in dust, feeding off of worshippy sentiments, and others simply came and domesticated as well as genetically engineered us cause they wanted gold. .. ... you still with me?

ps: Dan seems to think the world of - normally his places links very sparingly but now 50 vialls ones all together!?!?!?!

more rainbow art: gekleurde_schapen.html

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The vast majority is pacifist, would like self-sufficiency, their own garden etcetera .. . . just guessing, don't take my word for it.

Palestians call for release of activists kidnapped in Iraq
David Ball (Beirut) 02 Dec 2005 12:16 GMT

Beirut, Lebanon

After four human rights workers were kidnapped in Iraq this week, political and religious leaders in Palestine have joined those around the world appealing for their release. Their pacifist organization has blamed the US for their kidnapping.

Prominent Palestinian leaders have appealed for the release of four human rights workers kidnapped this week in Iraq, they said at an emergency press conference held in Hebron, November 29.

The four activists with a pacifist human rights organization, Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), were kidnapped November 26 in Baghdad before a meeting with Muslim leaders.

"Your brothers in Palestine ask the Iraqi fighters … to release our international brothers, who have helped us in our struggle for freedom here," said Basel Masour, at the press conference which brought together Fatah, Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Palestinian Liberation Front, Hamas, Christian Peacemaker Teams, and others.

The CPT members – James Loney (41, Canada), Harmeet Singh Sooden (32, Canada), Tom Fox (54, USA), and Norman Kember (74, UK) – were kidnapped at gunpoint on November 26 in Baghdad, by an unknown group Swords of Truth.

A video aired on Al-Jazeera news showed the four hostages, and an accusation that the four were spies in Iraq under the guise of Christian activists. CPT and its Arab allies have strenuously denied the accusation, pointing to CPT's history of being committed activists in Palestine, Iraq and elsewhere.

Family members said they were relieved to see their loved ones alive and seemingly unharmed.

Christian Peacemaker Teams has operated in Iraq for several years. It has continuously opposed the US/UK occupation, and was among the first to document human rights abuses in US prisons there, particularly the notorious Abu Ghraib jail.

Opposing all forms of violence and oppression, CPT members refused US military protection and lived with Iraqi families. They remained in the country long after most foreign organizations had fled amidst escalating violence and chaos in the wake of the US invasion.

CPT has publicly blamed the US for creating the climate of oppression in which its workers were captured.

"We are angry because what has happened to our teammates is the result of the actions of the U.S. and U.K. governments due to the illegal attack on Iraq and the continuing occupation and oppression of its people," said CPT on its website.

CPT is active in violent conflict areas around the world, including Palestine, Columbia and Canada, where its members attempt to protect the oppressed by "getting in the way." Although CPT asserts that it is not a missionary organization, members believe taking sides with the oppressed is crucial to their faith.

The Palestinian statement follows another by leading Muslim clerics in Palestine and Iraq, and others by allies around the world, demanding the release of the hostages.

"They don't deserve to be kidnapped," said Palestinian student Fadi Salim. "They are not friends, they are brothers."

CPT is currently active in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, opposing the illegal Israeli separation wall, protecting farmers in their olive harvest from settlers, and escorting children to school unharmed.

CPT has said it does not wish for a military rescue operation in the event of kidnapping, as it opposes all forms of violence. Meanwhile, friends and allies are hoping and praying for the message to reach the captors: "These are the wrong people."

* * *

On a personal note, one of the hostages, James Loney, is my friend, and he has been an inspiring mentor
and someone we could all learn much from about humility and principle. His tireless work for the homeless and oppressed – in Canada and around the world – is a lesson for everyone working for justice.

He told an interview once, "Just as soldiers are prepared to sacrifice their lives for the state, as a Christian who believes in non-violence I am prepared to make the same sacrifice for my non-violent beliefs.”

Sunday, November 13, 2005

review of 'history of violence' by mrzine editress

Thomas Seay wrote: I entertain the notion that the collapse of the Frontier, and its consequent internalization into people's inner lives, is the recurring theme in David Lynch's work.

Zachary wrote:
> >Hmmm, yes, I can see that. In his work, the promise
> >that capitalism, especially US capitalism, has always
> >held up clashes (more and more) with reality. This is
> >especially apparent in Mulholland Drive, where the
> >dream world seems to initially offer respite from
> >reality but eventually even that gets invaded. Death
> >is the only sanctuary from it all.

> Didn't Lynch support Reagan?
> Doug

Well, there is always David Cronenberg -- who is clearly more talented than David Lynch -- for leftists with a fetish for having mind and flesh invaded by all manner of things.

Cronenberg's latest, A History of Violence, is a fine deconstruction of the Western and film noir in his "realist" turn. In a feminist twist of film noir, in this film it is a man, not a woman, who has "the past," The past that the man, well played by Viggo Mortensen, thought he left behind in the East catches up with him in the West. The past in question is a history of violence, his service as a violent foot soldier for a gangster capitalist (who happens to be his brother). To defend his family and home from the long arms of the gangster capitalist, however, he ends up resurrecting an extremely efficient killing machine that he once was and finds himself at odds with his wife and teenage son, who feel betrayed by his secrecy and abhor the newly resurrected violent masculinity in him (which begins to bleed into his sex with his wife), though they love one another. The man overcomes the gangster capitalist's underlings in the West (and in the process makes his son an accomplice in giolence) and the capitalist himself in the East. Then, he comes back home. The film's ending is a tense and ambiguous scene of homecoming. His wife, son, and daughter are at dinner table. When he comes in, there is silence. After a moment that feels longer than it is, his daughter (who is too young to fully understand the meaning of trust and betrayal) makes place for him at the table. He and his wife look into each other's eyes, wordlessly, as she passes a plate to him. Fade to black.

A History of Violence has no explicit reference to the Iraq War. But you keep thinking about it, as you watch the film. There must be many homes where soldiers' homecomings are as fraught as the protagonist's in A History of Violence. Divorces are up in the military. The violent past cannot be buried and forgotten, nor can the home and hometown be insulated from the violent "outside," as the protagonist thought they could. The history of violence must be dealt with. But how? The film does not seek to answer that -- it wants the audience to think about it.

Yoshie Furuhashi
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