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13 link post (wide ranging; wildly so in fact; last one is a favorite tune)

The extra fat christmas issue of the fat dutch right wing weekly 'elsevier' has pictures of that baby face billionaire media mongrel who says his next station will be 'wide', which assertion contain hopes he manages to dash in appending his kind of example (from beer business): ..., Heineken can exist besides/alongside Amstel (illustrative of the one track stupidity in Dutch media land (retch!!! Bleaghhhh!!) on John Lennon; he obviously has some jew ishness about him, particularly noticable in a frontal photo of him here. a google page

virginia in my eyes by Robbie Schaefer - the band: Eddie from Ohio (another sublime song heard on folkalley); such a generous band (and tight tight tight)!!!!!! Their jukebox is filled to the brim (fiddle back ((to the song you just heard)) and forth if it don't go to the next great song automatically), they've put out a choice of more than a handful of albums so far. Oh by the way, the juke doesn't have the song that led me here but the guitar player is such a strong and consistently in character one I was curious for every next song all the way through.

Chinese police raid gay festival

Counter Terrorism Online Community * Vedik Topic
dewi contributes: Aditi Chaturvedi Many centuries before prophet Muhammad and the destructive advent of Islam, Arabia or Arabistan was an extremely ... -93k (of 63407 as of dec 16) From: "Timothy W. Dunkin " Date: Fri Feb 14, 2003 7:05 pm Subject: The truth about the "Vedic" civilisation

I don't know enough Indian history to tell if Tim is refuting Chaturvedi effectively or not but the fact he signs with Timothy Abd al-Masih makes me doubt his objectivity. Anyway, he recommends Drs. D. Devakala and A. Harris might be of interest to you,as would Nirad Chaudhuri's "Hinduism", quotes chaturvedi approvingly and says this person is female posts a swords chapter here and also a long piece by Sudheer Birodkar cache has the essentials of the story with the added note: "Works of P.N. Oak and Robert A. Morey have been used to compose this article." -

a similar note (here:,energie/Vedicarabia2.htm):
Note: Works of P.N. Oak, Sita Ram Goel, Arun Shourie, Jay Dubashi, Harsh Narain and Ram Swarup have been used to compose this article. -- Original location: This story URL: story available in 5 languages The Two Faces of Islam : The House of Sa'ud from Tradition to Terror by stephen Schwartz reviews (5 pages worth)
Summary: Full of lies Review: First a quote from the book:
"Muhammad's message included warnings not to ignore the righteous among among the Jews and Christians, who are collectively known to Muslims as People of the Book. Islam, from its beginnings, banned compulsion in matters of faith and mandated the protection of Jews, Christians, and other religious believers. Yet Muslims are accused, largely falsely, of a savage forced Islamization of subject peoples, supposedly inspired by the narrow, fanatical, and ignorant Muhammad. The Prophet of Islam is typically described as a desert bandit who claimed to have invented a new religion on his own."

I totally disagree with this. It is a flagrant lie. Muhammad (and I refuse to call him Prophet), was violent right from beginning. In fact he was disbarred from entering Mecca for many years because of his violence and he lived in Medina many years. All these years he kept on receiving messages from Allah ... continued. He lived in a time when Arabia was overrun by Pan-Hinduic idolatrous and polytheistic and largely pacifist people. Of course you cannot be really pacifist if you are being killed and your women are being violated. Mahammad used to recieve one fifth the share of loot which Islamic killers recovered from victims. History of Islam is replete with jihadic wars whose sole aims were to fill the treasuries of many barabaric rulers (Muhammad included) with wealth obtained by ... of non-believers and to convert these peoples...Although some arguments and evidence are far fetched you cannot reject all the material Ms. Aditi Chaturvedi presents in those pages.

LBO commenter cites a Parenti book: " .. . .. SWAT, the subtitle of which reads, "Special Weapons and Tactics for the Prepared American." Published by Larry Flynt of Hustler fame, SWAT reads like pornography for gun nuts: "During penetration, the prestressed Quik-Shok projectile expands rapidly and then splits into three even sections. These segments or fragments penetrate in separate directions in an ever- widening pattern inside a soft target. Fragmentation is the main cause of tissue disruption." (Christian Parenti, "SWAT Nation,") via Yoshie nutty stuff (I bet) on Crowley via guess who

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Dan Winter related surfage and comment

nice looking tree house swiss tv on elektrosmog (damanhur type solutions by an egyptian tv-star) graphics of schaubergerian Russellish caliber)

escher animation

recent stuff via the junkyard/recent.html

bruce rawles has a 62 page gallery up

intimate yet spacious capture of a nice piece of new zealand

nice cloudwork there and scroll down to the little roofgarden if you do go there most sites in this members list: Darwin only is saintly (but the linklist is long) 100.000 posts but he usnisa neuark fo! lks seem to have bombed here (at least a 'cosmic cube' thread did) gregarious reggae fella who spruces up his large image collection with pics from vitarka folks .. looks like this theocrat (declaring the whole world a -cracy) borrowed all the graphics for his own purposes pay 'tention class (ufo abduction reunion 1973 on the fourth page); pretty kitschy stuff here though, lotsa angels from here:

closefriends Dan winter is here too and isn't Madonna's Kabballah teacher's name Berg? -- has been newly added to the cube collectioneurs via wilcox (who does music here: ) at one of them 'tie it all together' guys using the same puzzle pieces as Winter but not mentioning him is now (in case you missed last time I told you) . .. .. . toys of the thoughtful kind and more: trees and rhyzomes (no nicky talks not of pleasing pleach but 'strong AI'); my (60th tangential) contribution:

aaaah, this 'll be good .. ..can I watch? Blush?!!?

here's a little limbering up for you both; spectrum practice of the supreme spirally cirqhuelarious kind: The lady has branched out from the black and white rudiments I saw at least a decade ago, matter of fact, I think we can squarely blame her for refuge in art and diy divination rather than diy dust foundatio! n ..

this is what she's up to with her money: cultures/heartsun.html

harmonics/harmonicharts.html nice rainbow systemic (ch)arts at $90 a shot (wholesale) one of 'm becomes almost entirely legible when saving and using a zoom function, on the darker one I have more luck .. . her progressions are waaaaayyyy better to follow than those of Arguelles:
FEAR DIVIDES, control divides (100BC-400AD), division seeks
DIVISION SEEKS, constancy, seeking invents, invention theorizes,
CONSTANCY LOVES, theory practices, practice deepens (1950s-1990s)
Identity dissolution, terrorism, new age commerce, death of caterpillar stage, visons of new earth -- (1990s-2020s) Alchemical transmutations, disempowerment of OWL(?)
LOVE UNITES, depth imagines (22500BC), imagination embodies
UNITY CHANGES, embodiment migrates, migration settles
CHANGE FEARS, settling conflicts, conflict controls short articles and charts about the origin of agriculture (Laurence Gardner, Christian and Barbara Joy O'Brien et al) via Dan Winter, here's an overview of work by such diffusionists, prone to fabulism (with the sun as mega mekka the eagle bloodlines reach and the serpent bloodlines betray and subvert to cut a very much too long story down to size = very short): - this crowd ventures into music as well (interdisciplinary as they like to be): (is this softish metal?)
But The Nine's influence does not extend merely to New Age channelling circles. Andrija Puharich, James Hurtak and Richard Hoagland have all lectured at the United Nations in New York. And individuals connected with The Nine are also known to have influence with Vice-President Al Gore. Of course, if The Nine really are the ancient gods of Egypt, then surely there could be fewer more significant events than their return. One may be justified in thinking that the more leading politicians who fall under their influence the better; but are they really the ancient Ennead of Egypt? Can it be that they have actually returned to sort us all out, scattering love and enlightenment from their high moral ground?
Dan quotes all of this:

The evidence we have gathered strongly suggests that Tom and his fellow gods originated, not in the stars, but behind closed doors as part of a CIA mind control experiment. And what happened to that experiment? Now with hundreds of thousands of devotees, some in very high places, can The Nine be deemed a success? Of course, that depends very much on what the CIA had in mind. With their subtle racist propaganda, perhaps the flaky New Age Nine should worry the hell out of us.

I found myself pondering the likes of Daniel Winter (all the easier for having had the invaluable bit of personal experience with him ((even met his father and the saw the family business)) before he self banished and vanished from turtle island soil in defiance of some sort of ridiculour plagiarism fine imposed by Stan Tenen's (who still keeps this self-discrediting bit of history at the bottom of his homepage). Tenen kinda rightly accused Dan of featuring brown aspects of ideology and indeed we find this semi-outlaw, semi-anonymous world circuit lecturer and minstrel obsessing about blood and timelines (but it takes one to know one). Let's look a little closer.

Sibling rivalry started back up and out far away in space with changing fortunes and close calls wars, innumerable battles and grounds won and lost, they mate and mutate in combos each trying to disguise differences for a temporary edge or spying and sabotage purposes, each main player purportedly known by name, a never ending stream includes all major and minor middle eastern gods pass review; Sitchin, a palestinian who stood at the base of the alien craze is the biggest guide and leading light in this narrative. If this alledged precision does not makes one very suspicious the moon story will but let me tell you what brilliant thought crossed my mind early this morn after yesterday's perusal of almanac style timeline narrative spanning 6000 years and slowing down the last 30 by way of . ..

"and finally - For Celebrating a CENTURY of Murder That is
Political America's BAD DREAM Needing Fresh Air
(SMANANIC RECAPITULATION means - Awareness Comes When the UN-Shareable is Made SHAREABLE): -

Skeleton Key to Hell's Mouth?
- we reprint: A SKELETON KEY TO THE GEMSTONE FILES (from:,, ) MAY 1, 1975 (To take these details of almost 100 years of political lies and murder that IS the U.S. Government - up to the present -
Implosion Group recommends finishing with: THE DEAD BODY COUNT BEHIND THE GEORGE BUSH FAMILY
at 'Bushed" & "

.. .. which dwells on the mob, Onassis and the Kennedys.

I think we can see Dan as a drama queen personifying all the stuff that happens on a molecular level and the serpent/eagle moon/sun opposition/enmity is nothing but .. . the gender one as shown by Otto Weininger (who's main work is to a large extent bio-chemistry), Andrew Lehman (hormone expert). Throw in Freud's and Kevin Macdonald's group psychology work and it all falls into place for me. Given that Dan is a little blocked when it comes to personal feelings (as far as I know his are always temporary) I can see why he hates the moon so much and imagines it a metal hull teeming with aliens coated and coded in dust, feeding off of worshippy sentiments, and others simply came and domesticated as well as genetically engineered us cause they wanted gold. .. ... you still with me?

ps: Dan seems to think the world of - normally his places links very sparingly but now 50 vialls ones all together!?!?!?!

more rainbow art: gekleurde_schapen.html

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The vast majority is pacifist, would like self-sufficiency, their own garden etcetera .. . . just guessing, don't take my word for it.

Palestians call for release of activists kidnapped in Iraq
David Ball (Beirut) 02 Dec 2005 12:16 GMT

Beirut, Lebanon

After four human rights workers were kidnapped in Iraq this week, political and religious leaders in Palestine have joined those around the world appealing for their release. Their pacifist organization has blamed the US for their kidnapping.

Prominent Palestinian leaders have appealed for the release of four human rights workers kidnapped this week in Iraq, they said at an emergency press conference held in Hebron, November 29.

The four activists with a pacifist human rights organization, Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT), were kidnapped November 26 in Baghdad before a meeting with Muslim leaders.

"Your brothers in Palestine ask the Iraqi fighters … to release our international brothers, who have helped us in our struggle for freedom here," said Basel Masour, at the press conference which brought together Fatah, Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Palestinian Liberation Front, Hamas, Christian Peacemaker Teams, and others.

The CPT members – James Loney (41, Canada), Harmeet Singh Sooden (32, Canada), Tom Fox (54, USA), and Norman Kember (74, UK) – were kidnapped at gunpoint on November 26 in Baghdad, by an unknown group Swords of Truth.

A video aired on Al-Jazeera news showed the four hostages, and an accusation that the four were spies in Iraq under the guise of Christian activists. CPT and its Arab allies have strenuously denied the accusation, pointing to CPT's history of being committed activists in Palestine, Iraq and elsewhere.

Family members said they were relieved to see their loved ones alive and seemingly unharmed.

Christian Peacemaker Teams has operated in Iraq for several years. It has continuously opposed the US/UK occupation, and was among the first to document human rights abuses in US prisons there, particularly the notorious Abu Ghraib jail.

Opposing all forms of violence and oppression, CPT members refused US military protection and lived with Iraqi families. They remained in the country long after most foreign organizations had fled amidst escalating violence and chaos in the wake of the US invasion.

CPT has publicly blamed the US for creating the climate of oppression in which its workers were captured.

"We are angry because what has happened to our teammates is the result of the actions of the U.S. and U.K. governments due to the illegal attack on Iraq and the continuing occupation and oppression of its people," said CPT on its website.

CPT is active in violent conflict areas around the world, including Palestine, Columbia and Canada, where its members attempt to protect the oppressed by "getting in the way." Although CPT asserts that it is not a missionary organization, members believe taking sides with the oppressed is crucial to their faith.

The Palestinian statement follows another by leading Muslim clerics in Palestine and Iraq, and others by allies around the world, demanding the release of the hostages.

"They don't deserve to be kidnapped," said Palestinian student Fadi Salim. "They are not friends, they are brothers."

CPT is currently active in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, opposing the illegal Israeli separation wall, protecting farmers in their olive harvest from settlers, and escorting children to school unharmed.

CPT has said it does not wish for a military rescue operation in the event of kidnapping, as it opposes all forms of violence. Meanwhile, friends and allies are hoping and praying for the message to reach the captors: "These are the wrong people."

* * *

On a personal note, one of the hostages, James Loney, is my friend, and he has been an inspiring mentor
and someone we could all learn much from about humility and principle. His tireless work for the homeless and oppressed – in Canada and around the world – is a lesson for everyone working for justice.

He told an interview once, "Just as soldiers are prepared to sacrifice their lives for the state, as a Christian who believes in non-violence I am prepared to make the same sacrifice for my non-violent beliefs.”