Thursday, April 20, 2006

rock dust news the father of agrogeology in Brazil 2004 (not exactly news but the rest is of this item is from the last few months) 5 posts so far by a master gardener from the Rutgers U NJ and ishmael(dotcom) reader strikes up conversation here since last januari rock dust is soil building community fuel and keeps you right busy making it too. In this editorial aggregates (dusts) are called soil additive but as I indicated, this stuff of life, if anything deserves such a name, is more . ..errr.. fundamental (in the good sense for a change) than that. dust byproduct in norway goes to waste so far but now some folks are gonna test it has 34 members now the dynamo there likes (green fuels) rocks for crops (phosphates in ((sub-saharan)) africa) Peter van Straaten a whole booklenght and thorough survey of all sorts of rocks in africa by country (repeat mention and well worth it)

checking for permaculture (2000 mentions sortable by date or relevance) I click a google ad (very rarely do indeed) and find a very slick piece of marketing: 50 pounds makes you co-owner of a woodscapestretch and it funds good website makers too. the blog starts halfway down the page and 3 quarters down is a press section, no registering required to comment; there are biodiversity and folklore sections too. februari article about the Seer Centre in Scotland Most of the above courtesy Joanne's newspage.