Wednesday, December 21, 2005

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The extra fat christmas issue of the fat dutch right wing weekly 'elsevier' has pictures of that baby face billionaire media mongrel who says his next station will be 'wide', which assertion contain hopes he manages to dash in appending his kind of example (from beer business): ..., Heineken can exist besides/alongside Amstel (illustrative of the one track stupidity in Dutch media land (retch!!! Bleaghhhh!!) on John Lennon; he obviously has some jew ishness about him, particularly noticable in a frontal photo of him here. a google page

virginia in my eyes by Robbie Schaefer - the band: Eddie from Ohio (another sublime song heard on folkalley); such a generous band (and tight tight tight)!!!!!! Their jukebox is filled to the brim (fiddle back ((to the song you just heard)) and forth if it don't go to the next great song automatically), they've put out a choice of more than a handful of albums so far. Oh by the way, the juke doesn't have the song that led me here but the guitar player is such a strong and consistently in character one I was curious for every next song all the way through.

Chinese police raid gay festival

Counter Terrorism Online Community * Vedik Topic
dewi contributes: Aditi Chaturvedi Many centuries before prophet Muhammad and the destructive advent of Islam, Arabia or Arabistan was an extremely ... -93k (of 63407 as of dec 16) From: "Timothy W. Dunkin " Date: Fri Feb 14, 2003 7:05 pm Subject: The truth about the "Vedic" civilisation

I don't know enough Indian history to tell if Tim is refuting Chaturvedi effectively or not but the fact he signs with Timothy Abd al-Masih makes me doubt his objectivity. Anyway, he recommends Drs. D. Devakala and A. Harris might be of interest to you,as would Nirad Chaudhuri's "Hinduism", quotes chaturvedi approvingly and says this person is female posts a swords chapter here and also a long piece by Sudheer Birodkar cache has the essentials of the story with the added note: "Works of P.N. Oak and Robert A. Morey have been used to compose this article." -

a similar note (here:,energie/Vedicarabia2.htm):
Note: Works of P.N. Oak, Sita Ram Goel, Arun Shourie, Jay Dubashi, Harsh Narain and Ram Swarup have been used to compose this article. -- Original location: This story URL: story available in 5 languages The Two Faces of Islam : The House of Sa'ud from Tradition to Terror by stephen Schwartz reviews (5 pages worth)
Summary: Full of lies Review: First a quote from the book:
"Muhammad's message included warnings not to ignore the righteous among among the Jews and Christians, who are collectively known to Muslims as People of the Book. Islam, from its beginnings, banned compulsion in matters of faith and mandated the protection of Jews, Christians, and other religious believers. Yet Muslims are accused, largely falsely, of a savage forced Islamization of subject peoples, supposedly inspired by the narrow, fanatical, and ignorant Muhammad. The Prophet of Islam is typically described as a desert bandit who claimed to have invented a new religion on his own."

I totally disagree with this. It is a flagrant lie. Muhammad (and I refuse to call him Prophet), was violent right from beginning. In fact he was disbarred from entering Mecca for many years because of his violence and he lived in Medina many years. All these years he kept on receiving messages from Allah ... continued. He lived in a time when Arabia was overrun by Pan-Hinduic idolatrous and polytheistic and largely pacifist people. Of course you cannot be really pacifist if you are being killed and your women are being violated. Mahammad used to recieve one fifth the share of loot which Islamic killers recovered from victims. History of Islam is replete with jihadic wars whose sole aims were to fill the treasuries of many barabaric rulers (Muhammad included) with wealth obtained by ... of non-believers and to convert these peoples...Although some arguments and evidence are far fetched you cannot reject all the material Ms. Aditi Chaturvedi presents in those pages.

LBO commenter cites a Parenti book: " .. . .. SWAT, the subtitle of which reads, "Special Weapons and Tactics for the Prepared American." Published by Larry Flynt of Hustler fame, SWAT reads like pornography for gun nuts: "During penetration, the prestressed Quik-Shok projectile expands rapidly and then splits into three even sections. These segments or fragments penetrate in separate directions in an ever- widening pattern inside a soft target. Fragmentation is the main cause of tissue disruption." (Christian Parenti, "SWAT Nation,") via Yoshie nutty stuff (I bet) on Crowley via guess who


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