Saturday, August 06, 2005

about the mainest rainbow gathering will stream in germany

TAZ 04. August 2005:Nebenan, in der thüringischen Rhön auf der hohen Löhr, ging es dagegenheuer um die ewigen Hippiewerte: Die etwa 900 Leute umfassende"Rainbow-Family" versammelte sich dort vier Wochen lang - ungenehmigt -zu ihrem alljährlichen großen europäischen "Gathering".

Translation:Nearby in the Rhön in Thüringen on the "Hohe Löhr", it was about theeternal hippi values: The 900 or so people of the "Rainbow Family"gathered there for 4 weeks - without permission - for their yearly bigEuropean "Gathering".

Two slight mistakes:- the rainbow family is bigger than 900 people. Even at this gatheringthere were almost 2000 people a week before the full moon. And we allknow: everyone with a belly button belongs to the family ;-)- there was no official permission, but an inofficial one. All thelocals including authorities, hunters, owners etc. sort of consented tous being there.Love, peace and light, Bhajan Peter

Piet: I just might comment too but go ahead, don't wait for that to post yours ...


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