Saturday, July 02, 2005

starting at 75 people, to gather takes a permit

"According to media reports of the June 28 proceedings, encampments of as little as twenty campers that have contact with other campers in the national forest can be cited for failure to organize themselves into a "group" as was the case with some of the accused who were found guilty by U.S. Magistrate John Kaull. This chilling precedent could apply to any family who camped in the woods and made friends with other campers a mile down the trail."

Well, my differences with the family on the 'failure to organize' front are of a wholly different from legal nature yet as a way to urge halfway fine folks to mature I can see some convergence between my take on legitimacy and the state's state (federal) idea of legality down the line . . .. .way waaaaaay down the line .. .. .

I've written about (how to get on the good side of) the anonymity (as a way to ensure a healthy dynamic between unity/diversity/) conundrum enough to resist temptation to repeat my self yet again*. The family's refusal to bow down/answer/give in to the official, final and fateful status of spokesperson/contract signees is a healthy impulse, but that said, I don't see why one shouldn't set/draft up ideal sit/rules and in/under which signing would be no prob, even welcomed.

* ughgnnngnghhhggrrrhhhhaaah, nope, can't restrain meself much longer .. . . lemme tell ya, there's a world of difference between anynymity from the top down ((erased identity and dirty tracks covered really; floating signifiers (((like power terms of some status or other))) are only so many bombs lifted aloft and sure to drop unless supported by substantial and preferably living (d)rafters)) vs from the bottom up ((consistently voluntarizing for lack of a better term)); perhaps a current thread about possibly shared (etym.) roots of terror and terra (shake/shock, dry/drought)) is apt but am thinking more in the direction of a present convergence ((vs the by contrast more and more neglected, rudely ignored and otherwise off( )ended humic aspects of humanitarianism))).

Maturing into permanent enclaves of the sort hinted at and alluded to in the bottom of the next post down would leave little, by me anyways, to be desired.

ps: speaking of permanent rainbow gatherings, here's the best we do so far:
I linked to Monte Venero (in spain) a (long) while ago and am acquainted with one of the driving forces there who's traded his staying put and building powers in for saving money (trade in wool blankets, artisanship of trinket and tipi construction) for travelling with a warm relation.


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