Saturday, June 25, 2005

go have a listen to Ward Churchill

Ward is a deep sea diver, I like a bit of scrambling and swinging to stop meself from staying sunk in deep grief (if you think you can afford to dream too read on).

I recommend anybody who can stand and not get too distracted by some body's (tobacco consumption induced) oxygen extraction deficiency combined with taking too few breaths so as not to interrupt his long winded (despite some minor differences I have with them ((see below*)) devastatingly truthful) wordingtorrent (audio at indytorrents too by the way) to listen to Ward and get his meaning. Stream (Ward starts about 21 minutes into it; questioning starts at 38). an earlier link with comments before the event - one of the first items to include 'discussion', a category lately added to allow more tangential chatter.

*If you know my take on militarism (formulated with so far closest semblance of completeness in a file I wrote after the Nato flyers rained down on Yugoslavia and here*2) at least a little you'll know I am not a typical hippy of the flavor Ward makes ridiculous in his speech but a grippy (prototype); here's another recap of an aging precap:

I think permaculturists need to become the advance forces of the army, the latter not stepping till the former are blocked and/or opposed in any way; the alternative should be closely monitored (LIVE!) so no mistakes and myth can form a mold splitting mold that stops a pleasant story to be told .. . for a change.

*2 what you see there (in colour): Preferable (aiming for exclusive) use of force? Servicing pro- not agression! w-c-should and will be creative when realization dawns that belief decidedly derives from be-leaf. (life, love, etc in multiple linguae). --

Fights are usually caused by regressive (vicious circle of scarcity enhancing) power struggles, the explosive testosterone concentrations (originating from a foodfinding focus) and well fed brutality of clumps, gangs, huddles, bands, battalions and divisions of all too similar opponents, whereof each side delegates some functions and specializes in others to start the whole chain of lobsided polarization and division. ---- I think provisionary measures, dressed up sportily to boot and destined to outgrow present arms races faster than Bill Gates could overgrowthrow the legendary JP Morgan.

We are o so good at buggering biomass aloft. Oh humble Microbe soft, where do you want to grow to stay and wend your way aloft?

Half the army's expenses, paraphernalia, personell and/or time might need to be devoted to peace making, (re)construction, conversion and conflict resolution if it wants to representative along gender divide (it remains to be seen if women's sense of in and out is not a little too schizo - for all the suffrage in Jewish society which DOES differentiate them from once again neighbouring arabs, this way of culturation does not seem to be without its problems).

Trees: Pointers to inspire long term planning and provision; achieving optimized nutrition, housing and solar energy reception by varying plant, other being, specie and/or race ages stages and densities.

How to stand up for, behind and under old growth, feel for their stature and benefit from their suspension inviting infrastructure.

Pleaching and all visionary work around it such as designing, planting, thinning, etc, means to stimulate and guide branchfused framings and figurations in such a way that the term biotecture springs to mind and life.

Priority issues:
How to constitute the emission of money in an honest competition leading to fair unification and cleaned up co-operative capitalism?

How to stand up for, behind and under old growth, feel for their stature and benefit from their suspension inviting infrastructure. How to abandon exothermal reactions in favored of more nourishing and slightly less perishable flame and fire forms such as fruit, abundant amounts to be declared a soon to be forthwith enforced human right. How determine wether the information industries are merely surfing the spectrum or if they burden, distort, drain, trash and harness, iow civilize it; I argue to explore and stimulate rather than tame and/or colonize it.

Last but not least: Google Cache for my third collection of links referring to Ward Churchill (hundreds of them with a few quotes and comments here and there) .

In the assault on his integrity the Mandan Smallpox epidemic takes a prominent place and reviewing all the re- and close reading reports one must conclude that Churchill indeed extrapolated, read between the line and took proleptic leaps to conclusions that are plausible but indeed not implied in the words he cites.

Yet, instead of getting steamed up and all indignant about supposed fraud and malfeasance I think Ward is trying to do the USies a favor, transitioning and easing them to an even worse and more immediately pressing realization and act of facing up to reality, to wit, THE FACT THAT DU- 'ENHANCED' AMMO IS NOW DESTROYING FUTURE GENERATIONS IN WAYS THAT SMALLPOX EPIDEMICS CANNOT!!!!!!! ENTIRE TRIBAL TERRITORIES BECOME UNINHABITABLE AND OFF LIMITS FOR ANY AND ALL LIVING THINGS. IS IT ANY WONDER THAT PEOPLE LIKE WARD CHURCHILL WILL BE TEMPTED TO CUT CORNERS AND FILL IN BLANK(ET)S OF THE UNSAID NOR DENIED WITH THE WORST POSSIBLE CONJECTURES?????????

Instructive snippet of lbo-talk:
Dear Editor: > >The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs is debating whether the United >States should formally apologize to Indians for a "long history of official >depredations and ill-conceived policies." This proposal should be rejected.
.Thomas A. Bowden > >Ayn Rand Institute,
Someone should remind them of the Pacific Northwest tribes. I feel more sorry for the 18th century European peasant than the people of the Northwest who had abundant fish, fowl and a temperate rain forest... "By the time the Europeans arrived in the 18th century, the societies of the Northwest had developed ways of life that rank among the most complex and sedentary for nonagricultural people anywhere."
Who's apologizing (really!)? Two on the subject of ...apologies. Both links Mp3 Audio, < 5min < 3Mb -------- Travus T. Hipp Commentary
[ June 16 2005 ]: Shameful Performances of Hypocrisy: On the Senate's Monday Night Apology For Delaying Anti Lynching Laws
[ June 23 2005 ]: We're Going To Need Some Practice: Apologies, Saving Face, And Other Painful Lessons That Nations Learn
.,Ironically, most Randroids or other Objectivist-inspired libertarians were fuming about the recent Supreme Court decision to transfer property from homeowners to the city. But I guess it's okay if the folks being robbed are Indians, because "culture" is being brought to them in exchange
------------------------------------------------------------------- > flash visualizing war . .eh sorry. .terrorism .. eh no, .insurgency/resistance casualties


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