Saturday, July 02, 2005

rainbow gathering EU (germany this year)

It will be in the hills of Thueringen, close to the former border between east and west Germany, east of Meiningen, south of Bad Salzungen. . ..

NEWSFLASH: Childbirth has taken place in the wild, under those primitive circumstances wherein the rainbow family likes to be immersed in order to feel secure; now if a tree thinning circus would move every month or so, in order to end up with inhabitably branched out and leafy spaciousness with patches of sun reaching incredibly well mulched (and of course lustily bedusted) ground I wouldn't begrudge them the seemingly wasteful ways open firemanagement entails. .. .

.. . .anyway, due to a consensus (of some sort or another, I never agreed to it but wasn't there to block it either) i can't post the directions; they happen to sit in a mailinglist archive that will take your subscription: . .. and at a whole bunch of others of course: for instance

Even at the german rainbow forum folks are wondering .. . where the hell do we go .. . .?

I shall post the 5th message in thread (babys at rainbow) with that endearing example I started this post with:
Hallo liebe Schwester!
Bin zurzeit am Österreich Rainbow und hier sind viele Familien mit Kindern in jedem Alter. Rainbow ist für Kinder genauso wie für Erwachsene eine unglaubliche Bereicherung. Gestern hatten wir eine Geburt am Rainbow. Die Eltern entschieden sich unter Anderem dafür, weil sie sich am Rainbow beschützt und geborgen fühlen. Es war für uns alle ein wunderbares Geschenk!
Liebe, Licht und Liebe

Elsewhere at this forum in a thread mostly in english: Rainbow meeting in Germany
Rainbowcircle wishes respect for our consensus not to put the direction of the place in to the internet.You can get information by sending a mail to , via rainbow telephone in Plessa (number on this page, preperation eur. gathering) or from your local focalizer.All infos will be shared in the family but please dont write the place on this side.There are good reasons to do so,Thank you viktor this page is in english and it's kind of been the base for the rainbow scouts

There is a poster/flyer/drawing/description which has a phone number if you're really ansy

.. .. .. .. meanwhile, over across the big pond, Karin is still at it, helping people lose their questions and pick up some confidence and pointers to comfort, love you Karin:

Mmmmm, .. . .she's a rather split subject cause once her helpfulness (see previous post) has been succesful and she's gotten/directed/eased/delivered you out of your troubled mind you may find yourself beset, surrounded or at least af- and/or confronted with stuff like this: "Mind you, they're examples only. Nothing psychological is set in stone, nor should it be." -- yeah right, that's exactly the type of inversive distraction schiz person of pyromaniacal fire walk and worship would say, hogging the rock (cr-), saying 'move along, nothing to see here, . .. .oh look over there (-ash) ----

Karin offers 6 'crash worship' links and 9 literary ones from the list at her own place

Time for a new 'gratefully receiving' or 'eager acceptance' theory of my own:

When folks fail to integrate/contain/package/store fire (tweak the reciprocality of outer world, phizzical manifs of the old one way tide from solar to solid into a more mutual meet halfway kind of deal, iow, help the oxides to meet the heat in/as reducabling crucibles ((puddles, compost heaps)) halfway in order to come up with hormone balancing, invigorating sustenance) nature has to perform this trick the crude and rude way she is wont and been known to use, namely by way of volcanism . . .. and perhaps the way culture and consciousness focuses on outer extreme and negative fire (defined here as everything that isn't soil building/deepening is ecologically damaging), iow, exothermal flames is in a vicious circle with and a reflection/indication of the declining 'earths' (grounding trace minerals as Julius Hensel called them) .. .. .. perhaps this even gets reflected in the way fire elements are 'exposed' in people's charts .. .

In light of all of the above, it seems no less a paradox that my vision for rainbow (to stick to the jargon) is to mature (rather than simply starting over with a different cast) into simply and effectively deal with freshly and flamelessly manufactured ashes (paramagnetic dusts, sludges, milks, sprays, etcetera) to consciously mimic/prevent volcanism and (in)form sanity in ways that should be as clear as a clod (odd word that; this attempted lowland expression translation plays on cute ass/sweet, concentration, clear crystallization and cleverness; the sugar ndustry in the EU, that least logical of all subsidy gobblers, has just been told to shape up) to anyone who (has taken the time and) proved himself (not to me alas*) able to keep up with what I am on (and on and on) about.

* perhaps good it doesn't mean it keeps me up (with corrrespondence and the like); matter of fact my upkeep has been characterized by reluctance and resistance if not dissociaton toward what i more and more emphatically and filling damn near fuller than full time insisted on keeping up since day one and i am ashamed to say I haven't grown out of it to earn my keep with pleaching, permaculture and percrushion (gee, been a long time since that word rolled onto the screen; here is proof that google refuses to acknowledge anyone else's ownership of the term ha ha!!!! Just kidding) which is one reason why I felt most comfortable taking no more (than a minimum) to keep (myself) up , iow, no more than what keeps a person subsisting on income/support below poverty levels; it's just too bad the super-rich would rather invest in outrageous yachts than little experimental communities big enough to be viable on a rotation route a la John Michell basis. It's been too long since the likes or Robert Owen lived and breathed.


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