Sunday, June 26, 2005

latest favorite folksong EXCELLENT!!!!!
According to Tracy, this song is the last song Dave Carter completed, finished in that summer of 2002 when the country was sinking into Afghanistan and beating the drums for war in Iraq. Remember that almost all of our dead men and women in Iraq have been under 30 . . .

Piet: slightly more realistic than Beethoven no?

Hey Ho
tv’s on, the favorite son is - watchin how the west was won
daddy, please, a plastic gun - get brother one for twice the fun
little camo helmet-heads - makin brave and playin dead
missiles made of gingerbread- dollars on the dime
REFRAIN: hey ho, so it goes, the point of sale, the puppet show

the merchant kings of war and woe have turned their hands to labor
sound out the trumpet noise, the cannons bark and jump for joy
someone’s dread and darlin boy has fallen on his saber
another world across the sea - home for little busy bees

sweatin in some factory - hurry, please, more of these
action dolls with laser sights - robot planes that shoot at night
faster, kid, and get it right - they’re rollin down the line
these days the spin machine is - always on the silver screen

secret plots and submarines - foreign fiends and magazines
wave the flag, watch the news - tell us we can count on you
mom and dad are marchin too - children, step in time
bring your kids and coddled pets - bouncin babes in bassinets

we’ll play a game with tanks and jets - better yet – bayonets!
marchin bands and color guards - funerals in your own backyard
don’t forget your credit card – johnny, hold the line
© Dave Carter / Dave Carter Music (BMI)
administered by Tracy Grammer Music
You can find more information about the life and legacy of Dave Carter, as well as keep up with what Tracy Grammer is doing..06

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Tracy Grammer Chords & Lyrics The (C)merchant kings of (G)war and woe have turned their hands to (D/F#)labor ... Secret plots and (Am)submarines, foreign (G)fiends and maga(D/F#)zines ... -


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