Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Most people are at the Cranberry Glade site as of yesterday - I doubt that will change.

No permits are required for you - just for the event.

Don't let the bullshit scare you away. Once you park your car andhike into the gathering itself, life will be very wonderful. Justplan on arriving early in the morning - between dawn and 10 amif possible. The parking lot is mellower at this hour and you'll have all day to hike in, wander around looking for a camping, find your friends, set up camp, etc.

Please make sure your car and driver are 100% legal with workinglights, insurance and all required licenses. The cops do hassle people on the roads in.

Bring lots of produce - but stuff that doesn't spoil easily. Apples, oranges, carrots, zucchini, - that sort of stuff.

North is pretty vague.

You're going to the Cranberry Glade Vistor's center:

DIRECTIONS: The quickest access from Washington, D.C. is to stick to the Interstates. Speeds on the Virginia Interstates are 65 mph outside the populous Washington, D.C. area, so good time can be made. From the Washington area, take I-66 west to I-81 south to I-64 west. At Lewisburg, about 12 miles across the state line inside West Virginia, take WV Route 219 north. Near Seebert, West Virginia, take 39/55 west to the Cranberry Visitor Center. Total travel time, about 5-1/2 hours.

Those interested in a more scenic route throught the premiere mountain ranges of West Virginia can take I-66 west to I-81 south to Route 55 west. At Moorefield, West Virginia, pick up WV Rt. 220 south. At Petersburg, take Rt. 28 south all the way to Huntersville (Rt. 28 is shared by other Routes along the way). At Huntersville, take Rt. 39 west to Marlinton, and at Marlinton, take Rt. 219 south to Seebert. At Seebert, head west on 39/55 to the Cranberry Visitor Center. Total travel time, about 6-1/4 hours. Otherwise, go to map quest and find directions to Seebert from where ever you are. Have a safe journey home.
Love, Karin


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