Sunday, June 26, 2005

rainbow gathering progress report 2 (blue page with lotsa (WV) links)

From iowafox at Fri Jun 24 ----- [Gathering Info] defenders of animals

Hey, Dave, this is foxfire. You saw me hitchhiking with Little Bear Wednesday. This is a really good Gathering. There is a Mountain Justice Summer Tea House. I wonder if you could help us out? One of the agents provocateurs(Jason Tacbas [sp?]) dressed as FS LEOS maced a dog that was tied up. Then he threatened the people. We have video, so do the feds. Also he, and a group, were very threatening to a woman. There is info on the internet about that particular fed's history of brutal arrests. Could you possibly please send me the address of some WV animal defense type folks, or forward this or something? Thank you much. See you at the Gathering? Love, foxfire P.S. Looks like we could use a printer at the Gathering.


OK, first off, at this time (untill the 30th when I arrive on the land) I am just an armchair warrior. However from the info I have read from a week of agr and gathering info postings is that the Sully site is dead and that the two sites that have any momentum are the Cranberry Glades site and the Cheat Mountain site, sounds like from preliminary reports that the Cheat Mountain site is more remote, has more room and By-God swimming holes!!!!!!!! However it seems that the Cranberry site has more people and a signed permit??

I find it hard to believe the rumor that the Forest Service does not require a permit at the Cheat Mountain site, so it remains to be seen whether it will not be challenged by the Feds, however since as it is rumored that it is one of the sites selected by our scouts and not a fed reccomendation, it really intriques me and sounds like a better suited site and if a permit is the only way, I will not block concencess on one for the site..It sounds to me that the site is away from Indiana Bat habitat and if Red Spruce is not present in any quantity then it should not be a problem for Cheat Mountain Salmanders.....

Anyway, I am long winded, In the end I will drag my sorry ass to any site where I can find the family gathered, so please keep sending updates as I will arrive on the 30th of June and hopefully with the best and most current information by with to make my site choice (I am hoping that there is only one site by then, but ya never know, there may be two or more) See all you bellies on the land, Look for me at TeaTime, love and hugs, George**Make Tea, Not War!*****

George Durland ( a legend in his own mind! ) aka:TeaMasterGeorge

I must be gettin' old, my tea-bags are all bloated!!


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