Saturday, July 30, 2005

is Eric reciprocating my interest in him? (+ note on lycos)

He certainly must have noted I noted him if he ever used to peer into the mirror googled (before loads of stuff disappeared from the caches some weeks after being blocked abruptly by my former host Lycos-europe*) E.P.Wijnants July 23, 2005: Humans tend to see themselves as living in a civilization. And they understand civilization to be centred on a shared destiny, often called the public good. Today our obsession with a certain kind of austere, abstracted measurement is closely tied to the idea of a civilization that believes it is being led by economics. That sort of leadership involves a bizarre contradiction: an aggressive certainty that these economics can be measured with great precision versus a passive certainty that they can only very marginally be shaped. Aggressive on the details, passive on the larger picture.

*A plausible speculation on the discrepancy between referrers (almost all via google) at this former site (over 300 everyday for just the para- and preblog url, ../logbriefer.htm, never mind the plus or minus 20 files per year since the turn of the century) and the visitor numbers lycos' own stats showed just as consistently (15 a week for the whole site) : the latter number refers to (ad)clickthroughs and the fact that these numbers remained low made them jilt and chuck me unless the fact that I crossed the 50 free megabites without volunteering to pay for the overweight has something to do with it .... . anybody know?


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