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highest holiest of rainbow chumpchamp shamen strikes again

http://www.livejournal.com/users/northanger/82004.html I like the new northanger a lot, specially since she comes at a time of all time high attention to dust plumes on one of her fave foci .. .. keep it up and your peteypiet (tweettweet) will keep up with your upkeep

Here's the big man's new sermon; he's following the classic rules:

Empasize importance of your work by claiming it is parenthesized by solar flares 91 days apart (8 years ago)

Complain that this particular revelation has been taken for the artistic liberty rides which aren't faithful nor respectful enough of the original; hell, it ain't even been done produced in Europe (though it came out in Brazil and Japan), all due the downdumb of cellphone and internet.

End with a euphoric upbeat read out (you know, the feudal kind of royal/nobility title read-off; heck you can do it yourself, prick a pin in the middle of a round piece of paperstack; colour each sprocket with a different amount of number/teeth and set time a ticking; garanteed new read out for aeons!!!!! Hop, that's credit creation in action for ya. I laugh and you already knew all this; wait till I tell my fans.

Here's a sample (from lawoftime.org):
For a humanity trapped in its accelerating densification these magical mind expanding tools are of the utmost evolutionary necessity. But it seems that less and less people actually care. Their lower selves trapped in the quagmire of mass consciousness, on a daily basis they experience the shrinking of their will to transcend or to exert in something that is truly from beyond the matrix. This is a problem, the solution of which lies in the understanding and exercise of planet sorcery.

2. Planet Sorcery and the AC-CA Plate ShiftWaking up Single Luminous White "A" by the Power of the Original 144,000 "... It is important to set your motivation from the outset and to maintain a very strong motivation, while abandoning all self-interested and temporary motivation." Yangthang Tulku, Dzogchen, p. 4

Indefatigably, we move onward! Planet sorcery, you say? Yes, planet sorcery - how else are we going to tame the demons of lower self that prevail over the affairs of Velatropa 24.3? The introduction of planet sorcery as a method allows us to get more profoundly to this matter of the Way of Conduct and the Way of Wielding Power. Sorcery is the method of taming lower energizes and converting them for higher purposes. We are talking about such an action on a planetary scale - hence planet sorcery, a basic principle for activating the templates of Cosmic History (See below, Section 4).

We are only trying to bring to attention that at this stage in the closing of the cycle we need a new time of action and activism. The revolution will not be won on the Internet. The telepathic tests that are necessary to engage the rainbow bridge must be done in living biopsychic energy fields. The new society will not be organized by e-mail, but by getting together in councils and sacred circles and by assigning tasks to living beings to begin to transform their lives with new patterns of thought and behavior. We must begin to remove ourselves from the material energetic force field of the monitor screen back into the garden and planning councils. We must restore the balance. We need to breathe fresh air, plant corn and study and discuss matters together by the hearth or by the fireside, where it all began, in a time so long ago.

4th of august:
Although 'space mere matter but time of mind' Arguelles (coming to Switserland soon) has lately held back on and retreated from touting the Khalifite version of numerical or mathematical miracles in the Quran, the socalled 19 code he is not disavowing his conviction that him and Mohammed are pals from way back as a former one yet and so I consider the following related and timely enough to post here:

Comment at a northanger (livejournal) blog item: beware the sun/moon equivalencers, equivalencizers, equivaluators such as the stonehenge erectors (per whats his name), the rashid khalifa factions and those opposed, the ones opposing portions such as the author of 'The Miracle of Nineteen Between the Backwardness of Muslims and the Perversities of Impostors’who also wrote: www.islamnoon.com/language/en_studies.htm# The Decline of Israel 2022 AD
A Prophecy Or Numerical Coincidence
Bassam Nihad Jarrar
The Biqaa’ LibraryLebanon
somebody who does dare di numeri means idiot with the savant in italian

a friend - perfect splitter - kindest cutter - nonsubstitutional wildgrowther
--------------------------whoopsy floopsy swoopsy made mistakeywith should be withOUT (the redeeming ((money rock and rolling)) savant part) long live innumeracy and well situated to be assimilable duston second thought I'll pass on your baby picture if I can have the wet pre-bra t-shirt one insteadI just had an adventure wherewith I astounded myself even; a blue eyed black(k)inkhaired east german lady made me her husband (or did I make her make me?) and projected the real one into a role I could and probably was playing ('slightly too intrusive friend of the family'); instead of apologizingly distracting distraught hubby comin home late I let him bruise her . . . allowing a moment for that to sink in and disgust you. . . just so you don't get your hopes up, I deserve to be bought off + disenchanted with a minimum slice of reality and not a molecule of fibre more

-------2020 Visions? Some while back, http://www.beadgaming.com/AnalysisHawali.html I suggested that Al-Qaida's strategic timeline might be responsive to a comment made by Sheikh Safar al-Hawali at the end of his book, Day of Wrath, to the effect that Jerusalem would likely return to Muslim hands in 2012. Al-Hawali drew this conclusion from his study of Biblical prophecies, and as bin Laden has been known to read al-Hawali's writings, the possibility exists that he might think in terms of the Sheikh's apocalyptic timeline.

This DoublesQuotes presents an even longer timeline, juxtaposing the strategic thinking of Makkawi (ie Sayf al-Adel) of al-Qaida with an apocalytpic date from Sheikh Bassam Jarrar, a Hamas leader whose prophetic predictions are to be found in his book The Wonders of 19: Between the Inattentiveness of the Muslims and the Errors of the Falsifiers. Hamas is not al-Qaida, and I am not claiming a direct connection between the two dates -- merely suggesting that these two quotes between them are suggestive of an even longer possible strategic overview than the one I proposed earlier.
I am grateful to Anne Marie Oliver and Paul Steinberg, whose brilliant, poetic book The Road to Martyrs' Square (Oxford, 2005) tipped me off to Jarrar's work. posted by Charles Cameron at


http://www.quranicstudies.com/downfile41 130K zippered pdf excerpts from Numerical Miracles of the Qur\'an

There Are Many Reasons Why: Suicide Bombers and Martyrs in ..."It is well-known that Islam forbids suicide," explains Sheikh Bassam Jarrar, apopular religious leader based in Ramallah. "Suicide is running away, ... - 38k -

Adam & Jesus... Bassam Jarrar from Noon Center noticed in the Holy Quran that there is numerical relations between the names of Adam and Jesus put . ...
www.qurbaha.com/Ciise.htm.html - 29k -

- When they go to die (by Joharah Baker) - Media Monitors Network... It is usually the enemy who calls them suicide bombers, says Sheikh BassamJarrar, director of Al Noon Center for Quranic Studies. ...
www.mediamonitors.net/joharahbaker2.html - 60k -

- The Quran is characterized by a unique phenomenon never found in ...This study was realized by Noon Center leaded by professor Bassam Jarrar.May Allahreward them for their work and gives benefits to all people. ...
www.hannityandcolmes.com/fakir60/initial.htm - 100k -

- The Miracle of the Serial Order of the Suras opening with Abbreviated Letters(Fawatih). by BASSAM JARRAR. The Miracle of the Serial ... www.hannityandcolmes.com/fakir60/initials2.htm - 101k

- n-tv.de - "Ich wünschte, ich hätte noch 20 Söhne, um auch sie ...... "Unsere Religion verbietet zwar Selbstmord", sagt Scheich Bassam Jarrar vom Al-Nun Zentrum für Koranstudien, "doch das Konzept des Märtyrertums bedeutet eine ... www.n-tv.de/2723921.html - 32k

-Eavesdropping on Radical Islam - Middle East Quarterly - March 199524 Bassam Jarrar, al-Quds wa-l-Aqsa. 25 Qattan, Afan Fanni, no.3.; `Azzam, Aqlam.26 Nasir ad-Din al-Albani, al-Amr bi-l-Ma`ruf (4 cassettes); `Ali Belhadj, ...
www.meforum.org/article/237 - 51k -

Mobilizing Women for Nationalist Agendas: Palestinian Women, Civil ...Bestandsformaat: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTML-versieunder severe criticism by Islamic clerics, including Bassam Jarrar, who arguedthat the ideas promoted. were “devilish” because in his view they do not ... http://lark.cc.ku.edu/~redbud/Gerner.Fulbright.pdf -

www.nashiri.net/imag march 2005 has 2 Jarrar articles. April and May too; looks like they are gonna do the whole thing (excerpt from ch.2 coming up)

if I remember correctly it was leigh myers at lbo last week (his own site is leighm.net) who scolded the harryites as brainless idiots; I thought that was pretty harsh but haven't visited there for a long time now.

of interest to Reza et al: http://www.sociologyesoscience.com/muslimm/

Explaining Muslim Neofundamentalism

Exploding the Middle-East Myth

Jihad: Who is Culture?

Probably the fact of the location of beliefs and values in culture adds no additional barrier that the subject must escape to contact objectivity. Thus what marks the special nature of Islamic fundamentalism, is its modernism. Like E. P. Wijnants pointed out in early 2003 in his two part essay on various radical groups, the intellectual roots and historical precedents of today's Islamic revival can be traced back to Sayyid Jamâl al-Din (1833-97), called al-Afghani. And entail a closeted form of the Western modernism that it so publicly claims to oppose. This included also the Deoband movement that emerged from central India in the wake of the ill-fated revolt against the British in 1857. Founded by Mohammed Zasim Nanautawi (1833-77) and Rashid Ahmed Gangohi (1829-1905), it set up madrassas in India, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

piet: All true but too conventional in focus; not quite long wave enough in the sense of showing how close the ME monotheisms are inextricably entangled, attempts at extraction by the likes of Hamas scholar Bassam Jarrar (www.nashiri.net/imag march 2005 has 2 Jarrar articles) for instance notwithstanding. His harangue about semitc sibling Israel's sins (not allowing enough fallowness ((sabbath)) in other words overgrazing, over demografixyfucksing) claims they will some time soon now lead to the third chase out as sure as the Quraniclockwork (which Jews ((who prefer bible code distraction and)) won't count with/by/on or countenance) ticks on even while going down toilets and such. However, the abjabobinariouslessly abject way he casts his net (starting simple enough to lure the unawarare with the odds and even trick for instance ((serial order of suras, chapter two in the 'numerical miracles' pamphlet freely available from multiple websites))) betrays the shortcircuit absolutist pretence these people suffer which if we let'm cleaves whole worlds into famously and variously named cliffedges and destroys all synthesis, systemicism and synergy (counting beyond dualities, 2s, etcetera), a perversion of the true cleaveage leavesage .. .. hey, I AM a leafsage come to think of it; dust into rain blowing archaonizer .. thought I'd be explicit about it for a new monumental moment since I despair about others taking such perfect notice. Quit substituting for multi-micro-cultural soil populant demographix with way too specifically singling out ID attempts and favoritisms of the digital abstract or even human kind; leave proliferation and abundance up to the subtly hoppering and size segratory ache shaking earthans: soil organisms; all we can do is feed life with death and that doesn't mean putting the former to the latter like trying to drag a horse to water either.

Chapter 2
The Miracle of the Serial Order of the Suras in the Holy Qur’an

Since the early centuries Muslims have paid attention to numbers in the Qur’an. Dr Ghanem Al-Hamad, the verifier of the book Al-Bayan fi Ad Ayel-Qur’an (‘The Inventory of the Qur’anic Verse Count’) by Abu Amru Al-Dani mentions 36 books on the science of Qur’anic numbers, from Kitab Al-‘Adad (‘The Book of Numbers’) by Ata’ Ibn Yasaar (103 AH) to Zahr Al-Ghurar fi ‘Adad Ayat Al-Suwar (‘The First Blossoms of Verse Count’) by the Andalusian scholar Ahmad A-Salami (747 AH). This interest has not flourished sufficiently through the ages to yield definitive results but as the Qur’an is the word of God Almighty who created and perfected the universe and counted everything, it is to be expected that the book will be different from conventional books written by fallible humans. However, with the ascent of human consciousness, people today are more capable of criticism and evaluation through modern sciences and other means.
Scholars have differed in their understanding of the order of Qur’anic Suras. The majority have maintained that the order of Suras is Tawqifi, that is by command of the Apostle (Peace be upon him) on the instruction of the Angel Jibreel. Sayuuti believed that the order was an act of revelation except Suras 8 (‘Anfal’) and 9 (‘Tauba’). Some believe that it was the independent judgement of the Prophet’s companions, though the evidence for this is insubstantial and this matter is not for elaboration in this context. We merely observe that the opinion that regards the order of the Suras as not being a revelation is based on implicit evidence, while belief in the order inspired by revelation rests on direct evidence. In any case, our intention is to present mathematical evidence to support the revelation viewpoint and, in fact, we may even go beyond that to assert that the order of verses is an act of revelation that is in itself evidence for Prophethood and an aspect of miracle.
There are many publications in contemporary intellectual scholarship related to Qur’anic miracles. These include the rhetorical, the scientific, the legal, etc. However, what we today call the “numerical miracle” is still controversial, which is why it has been out of favor with scholars and researchers. This is despite the fact that there have been partly successful attempts to study the subject, such as the one by Abdul Razaq Nawfal and the Jordanian researcher Abdullah Jalghoom in his book ‘The Secrets of the Order of the Qur’an: A Contemporary Reading’. Here we will acquaint the reader with the most important points made in his book and with what we have done by way of development and follow up.

I just asked http://hyperstition.abstactdynamics.org author Reza if he knows any of the mentioned authors

The PANfachefuckwits and cultoids are of course very welcome to comment also . .. . but . .. I am sorry .. I can't afford to give you the pleasure of watching me hold my breath here.


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