Saturday, August 06, 2005


Then again, I don't need some ex-drunk to confirm there is more likely a lot of wear and tear in the world than the mind is inviolably high 'abover' matter.

... however, would you remain calm if .. .

A): a man you came as good as face to face with (8 years ago in an Amsterdam squat, flattened in the meanwhile, nothing, not even orchards and gardens can stand in the way of concrete, progress and 'luxury'), slipped a piece of paper with jotted impromptu handwritten notes plus web adress where@ over the next few years you proceed to post conversations, polemics and disputes with various apostles, proselytes and clones of his culty clubber kin club REFUSES TO SAY A SINGLE SENSIBLE THING that bespeaks his sensibility to the sharp nosed dogs like me, wide awake and paying attention!!!!!!

B): somebody recruits in the same school you try to tempt and trick into helping you to change course collectively, that is, in the most egalitarian sweat-equitous, contiguously territorial, iow, viably way possible.

C): somebody steals your thunder index2.htm scroll down a bit

D): somebody is calmly 'idolate' (transliteration from Dutch) of/about a person who was indeed pretty versatile (Muhammed [pbuhws] idiot savant number juggler, calendrist, trader, prophet, fighter and perp of a particularly reactionary ((with 'respect' to Judaism)) and virulent way of statecraftiness, that is, monopolization of violence ((getting big enough to never fail - getting strong enough to say: gimme that tax or else I won't bounce across the border and pounce on potential(((/prospective state protection/prod to pay tax enjoying))))) citizens -- making your offers irrefusible is making them as compelling a demand as highest ((best armed, not kindest, smartest or any such stuff)) authority can. Perfect coincidence of supply and demand; ain't the freeing markit something?). Anyway, Jose's sheeple don't have a clue about cultural clutter and friction, they're busy spinning favorable fiction and use suppose make believe pretend confirmation from the real world to fire their imagination onto the expresslane for the great hights attained by the great lights and their sin and soon enough jaded sorrow causing impatience tempts them into artificial tinkery and labconcocted psychedelics, the cerebral rocketry derived fake but extraordinarily quick fixes and otherwise dizzyingly speedy flash flair and hi-flying inflammations that delivers .. . fascination for starlight and the fast forward of pretending consciousness can be taken everywhere. THE ABSURDITY!!!!! A time to flower and a time to root but never will there be time for a flower to visit a root from the inside out. Never will humans be happy anywhere but here on earth .. . someday .. .. maybe.

on the fifth of august at this blog I wrote a little about and quoted the 'highest holiest ...' etcetera and now under similar moon phase conditions (though we slipped a glyph probably, maybe even two (won't get into how the 28 day cycles are supposedly an elegantly radial solution to the two measures we metermate the moon by - one larger and the other smaller than 28) to I return to the moonstruckest among the moonstruck (trying to correlate its cycles with all the others including galactic ones necessitates using some very fine fractions and people might mistake that for bragging).

Anyway, .. .. I am on (to) him again and am going to send a big challenge to his site but you'all will get a foretaste, here's the fresh intro to older stuff:

A collection of digital moments my attention happened to get turned to/on Jose Arguelles, 'tortugans' and kindred ilk (quite often I notice, this file (161K covers only a season, sept 03 - feb 04) -- first acquaintance stems from the middle eighties when his then recent manuscripts were some amongst those from many others maverick mindmold manies found and perused in Daniel Winter's house and I saw the dreamspell and early paintings of his some time later, then ended up on the Tor in 87 but other than my general sympathy and pity for your run of the mill touchy feely hippy I can't bring myself to join, despite the vast permanent rainbow in baja rumours to which job opp news from another front I watch sidled up:

160K later we enter part 2 of observations on yet another cult of absolutist claimants, the kind and kinky fractions fetish triggered bonds and feuds amongst a new age network with low and preferably even no budget but nevertheless global aspirations, ladies and gentlemen, your special attention for the greatest latest kin con.

The credibility conjury by these con kin features the added twist and spice of claiming Muhammed for an equal (never mind the prophet himself tried to cut off all competition preemptively by telling everyone he was to be the last.I can believe that instead of coercing women they somehow felt as strongly about him as he thought highly of himself and so they just fell at his feet in series of bunches and generously shared him and only him while reserving their attention for only him to though due to the fragmentation of their great numbers they must have had plenny of time on their hands.

Judging from your charisma mr arguelles, you don't make the grade and that's only a very minor fault of yours in my eyes.

Over the last few years I have again and again examined your antics and decided to collect them in one place, for greater conveyance convenience, redundancy and challenge; the continuation of my interest depends entirely on you answering at all since I am losing interest quickly here.


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