Wednesday, August 24, 2005

what would a place called 'protein wisdom' be about?

posted at (hawk ((territory or at least hawk)) tolerant) in order to teach them a lesson about taking chickens to market (it's a highly offensive thing to do also known as hawking); if people turn down your hawkishness and you don't set them free you'll find yourself taking them back home to roost. 66th comment:
excuse me, but don't most wars get fought over
A: command over testosterone-driven hierarchy heigtening search for honour and prestige?
Aa: Does the winning team have to prove it's the most violent team; can the most violent team call itself a winner
B: retaliations perceived as offensive enough to escalate these diabolic staple feeds for fundamentalities?
Bb: aforementioned 'reasoning' taken as excuse to appropriate that which the targeted party doesn't deserve/know how to use, etcetera?
C: another vicious circle: scarcity brings on the misconduct of war which causes even more of them.

Logic dictates that allowing ourselves the luxury to stop wars might leave us with enough time on our hands to start abundance; to open rock isn't just to create or shape space, but time too.
wars are fought over scarcityallowing ourselves the luxury to stop wars is easy once we start abundance . . turn war around into raw .. . turn putting life to death around into feeding life with death; feeding death into life is ever so easy; sprinkle the right sort of dust (most any fresh rockdust will do into a summer puddle big enough to last a few days and presto: reduced oxides, hydrocarbons at the humble end of a laaaaarge loooong bewildering strange trip of a chain and fresh oxygen bubbles peeping out of the freshly slipperizing stuff of life.

I don't know how much more clearly I need to say this; perhaps Cindy Sheehan's son, as his death was approaching, would have grasped the concept if he and the other six of his pals who died could have been afforded a time out somehow and by some miracle read one of the umpteen times I strewed this message around (including soldier's blogs); the company killed hundreds that day by the way according to a colleague of his who is quoted on proteinwisdom.comPosted by: p at August 23, 2005 05:19 PM (hyperstition timestamp applies to the unchanged last two alineas a day earlier; for what else I posted at protein wisdom see )


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