Monday, October 26, 2020

Alecia Nugent "They Don't Make 'Em Like My Daddy Anymore" Interview

pretty song halfway this vid ... and it voices a wellknown / widespread sentiment ... yet the deeper reason / cause remains taboo ... cause it would be an enormous catalyst / stimulus towards purging fakery of all sorts.

In the late 70s John D Hamaker tried to use nutrition data to illustrate and impress readers with an urgency to top up soils -- with that most ancient of blessings, product of ice ages and big rivers alike, silts and slibs practically bursting and buoyant with fine rock dust -- in order to get trace mineral activity there and 'transpositation' [in]to foodstuffs for creatures great and small, back up to par [having been injured, insulted and harmed by pharmaffiose mindset fall out for over a hundred years at that point].

In light of the above i claim the famous Mouse Experiments applies to places like the Netherlands only, or, whereever and and long as nutritional quality is in decline, iow, where the following conditions apply in spades: hi rates of exploitation and exhaustion, no substantial and fundamental replenishment of the sort mentioned happenin ... in fact, the opposite takes place. Witness
A: the hysteria that obscures facts around the handling of 'granuliet' in the past years. Hey, i demonize my lifesaver if i want to right? Feefee FaFoem Feminarcy Fears ... the very source of sweet nothing??
B: the simple fact all dem dumb dikes block and keep settlement and precipitation of newly arriving minerals out.
When was the last time you realized this? First time, right?


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